W9MRH 50,000 Chaser Points

Sometime yesterday, Mike, W9MRH, earned over 50,000 chaser points. You don’t get that kind of dedication by flipping through TV channels. Way to go Mike! Liz and I always look for you when we do an activation.

SOTA friends, please join us in congratulating Mike. :hiking_boot:

Ron and Liz


Congratulations Mike! Thanks for all the contacts.


Mike - ke5akl

Congratulations, Mike, and thank you very much for the 3 times you chased me last year.
I hope you’ll be able to chase me many more times in the future.
Keep up the good work!


That’s some mighty fine chasing there,Mike. Always glad to get you scribbled in my log. C U down the log.
Dean ~ K2JB

Mike I always enjoy hearing your call. 50k is huge. Tnx fer all the chases and keep calling please!
Scott Kw4jm

Congratulations Mike on achieving 50,000 chaser points.

Jimmy M0HGY

Congratulations Mike.
de John Paul // AB4PP

Congratulations, Mike! Always good to hear you in there chasing!

73, Walt

Congrats Mike on the accomplishment…And TNX for all the chases.

This is awesome. I love the dedicated chasers! Keep racking them up.

73’s de NE2P

Congratulations Mike, 50K chasing is a lot of fun! Bob AC1Z

Great job Mike. With chasers like you the SOTA program will remain strong for many years.

Gary A. - W0MNA

congratulations Mike 50,000 is quite an accomplishment wish you the best on the next milestone

50,000! Oh my! Congratulations.
New here so that is a big hurdle for sure!
Hope to see you on the radio!

Ken Mason

Congratulations, Mike! Thanks for all the contacts over the years, it’s always great to hear your callsign.
Peter KD0YOB

Mike I have you in my log many times so congratulations on the 50K Points. I’m right on your tail with 25K, LOL. 73 Tom NQ7R

Congratulations Mike!

Thank you for the many contacts you have given me. Also, thank you for spotting me when I failed to get cell phone service from some summits.


Greg, W7GA


73, Ken

Nice achievement! Congrats! 73 Karen

50k takes dedication! Congratulations.
73, Charlie - KØLAF