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w8 sota?

Is there currently any group taking charge of the W8 region? I live in the Lower Peninsula of Michigan and would really like to go hiking on some of our “Mountains” (read really big sand dunes) and make some contacts!

In reply to KD8LDX:
I think so.

You should visit the yahoo nasota and asked them. I am not member of them anymore so I can’t answer.

73 de JP VA2SG

In reply to KD8LDX:
Development of a W8 Association is in progress by KD8KTY
73 Jim

In reply to G0CQK:

Do you know if he is still working on it, or has he given up? When I click on W8 at the NA-SOTA page I get this:


In reply to KD8LDX:
That I don’t know. If you ask your question in the NASOTA group you may be able to find out more.
73 Jim g0cqk