W7Y NW-081 Activation Report

Thank you for those who chase!

Is there an SOTA award for most mature in the community?

Rob, another great video man. The scenery improves every episode. How you liking the Chameleon antenna?

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Thanks for taking time to watch! Waiting on the snow to give way in the big mountains and then the real party starts. That will be summer time =] I am using the Chameleon CHA TD Lite and It will be hard for me to ever trust anything else. Center fed, multiple configurations, lite, effective. You are not that far from me, let me know if you ever make it my way!

If by “mature” you really mean “old” then the entry point must be 80 years and above. :grin:



Yeah…your wife matured in her 20’s…guys mature somewhere north of 60 ;-).
You need to get some snowshoes now that you’re living in a snow state. It was painful watching you and your wife post hole!! Been there done that…;-).

Take care and 73,

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This will be our last season in Montana without them =]