W7W's Latest Mountain Goat, K3OG

Our good friend and fellow W7W SOTA op Peter K3OG achieved 1000 points late yesterday afternoon on Tamarack Peak W7N/WC-003. Peter is W7W’s 10th Mountain Goat.

WW7D and I were fortunate enough to be on a summit and were Peter’s first 2 contacts.

Congrats Peter!!!


-Josh WU7H


Congrats Peter! I knew you were having a fun day yesterday but didn’t realize it was your MG day!
Keith KR7RK

Congratulations Peter on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY

Baaaa Peter, K3OG! Glad to have you in the herd.

Andy N4LAG

Ken, K6HPX & Kay, KE7BGM

Congratulations Peter, keep going!

Congratulations Peter!

Thanks Josh, Darryl, and all who have chased, encouraged, and shared experiences with me along the way.

From climbing to the high points in suburban Philadelphia for better FM broadcast listening in the early 1980’s to participating in the Colorado 14er’s radio event in the early 2000’s I’ve always loved bringing together radio and the outdoors. I’ve had more fun with SOTA in the last 5 years than anything else in my 34 years and a ham. I don’t plan to stop anytime soon so I hope to catch you all on the bands in the future.

So thanks to all involved with SOTA. BAAA, Peter, K3OG


Congratulations Peter on your Goat!