W7UM Is a Mountain Goat!

On Sunday March 19 W7UM, Mark, logged enough SOTA activator points for Mountain Goat.

Mark and I walked through and over almost 2 miles of mud, ice, and then snow, including breaking trail through moderately deep snow on snowshoes, up the cold northeast side, to reach the summit of Taylor Mountain, W0C/FR-061, where we set up at 2784 M, among deep snow drifts. With the wind whooshing through the pine trees, we enjoyed a sunny time, right around 0 C, contacting numerous chasers and activators all over.

We had the mountain to ourselves, never mind that it was Sunday, and it was a classic SOTA Mountain Goat initiation! The views of the high peaks on the frigid Divide were spectacular.

Thanks to all who chased us and shared our fun time! Please congratulate Mark on truly earning MG in the spirit of SOTA. Very few of his summits have been easy ones!




Great Big Congrats Mark,
Nice sigs down here.
Welcome to the herd!

Very FB, Mark! Congratulations! I was happy to work you on your MG summit!!

Andy, N4LAG

Congratulations Mark, I was also able to work you on (MG) W0C/FR-061! I’ve chased you many times as you have chased me as well. Several S2S Q’s in the log.
73, AL N1SMB

Congrats Mark!!! :beers:

Thanks for many QSOs and S2S. I was very happy to catch you on your MG summit on Sunday. Look forward to our next QSO. Welcome to the herd!


-Josh WU7H

Congratulations Mark great effort to make Old Goat.
You surely had a great partner in Carey/Geo to tag along with you on the activations.
Here’s to MG x 2 and I hope to work you some time now condx on higher bands are improving I have worked a couple other U.S. activators recently on 17 or 15m CW.
Its a couple more weeks until my SOTA season will start for 2023 but on the chase at home all the time.

Ian vk5cz …

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Congratulations on becoming a Mountain Goat Marc! 73 Bob AC1Z

Congratulations Mark!

Thank you for the S2S Sunday while I was on East Twin Sisters, W0C/FR-037. I chased you and KX0R on this summit in 2020 and 2021 and I finally got up it Sunday. I ran out of battery before I could work KX0R Sunday afternoon. I’m over halfway to mountain goat.

Congratulations Mark and see you soon !
Chris F4WBN

Congrats Mark!

Congratulations Mark in achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY

Congratulations Mark! Wish I would have been on a summit to work you. Sounds like you guys had a great day to pass the 1000 mark!

Congratulations Mark! Always makes my day to S2S with you and Carey.

Congrats Mark !! Glad to chase you from home and also have you in the s2s log many times.
Stay well & 73!
Mike, WB2FUV

Congratulations, Mark. Always great to chase you.
73 Gary

Congrats Mark on making MG status. Thanks for all the contacts and hope to work you on many more summits.

Gary A. - W0MNA

Congrats Mark for your Mountain Goat Achievement. I was pleased to work you on that MG summit. 73 Gary

Congratulations Mark, it’s always a pleasure to have a S2S with you.
CU soon.
73, Éric VA2EO

Congratulations, Mark! I feel privileged to have made contact with you on your goat summit.

73 de Jonathan “JB”