W7RV...Shack Sloth 50 times!

Congrats to Tommy, W7RV who went over 50,000 chaser points yesterday. They say only death and taxes are guaranteed…we may have to add working W7RV from a summit as a third certainty.

Thanks for all the 319 Q’s Tommy and Congrats. That’s a lota points.




Fantastic work Tommy. Only in my log 27 times so far, but once I hear you in AZ, I know there`s a chance of West Coast action, which is pretty rare here.
73 Steve.

Congrats Tommy! I’m a rookie when it comes to working you on summits… only 110 QSOs in my log…

Once again, thanks for all the help when I am on a summit in AZ.


Well done Tommy. Lot of time and skill - good stuff.
Best wishes.

Congrats , Good Job
From W4DOW Chaser in W4V

Congratulations Tommy… Fine Business on hitting 50K. Merry Christmas to you and family. de Scotty

nice one

better brush up me skills a bit more and to catch up :slight_smile:


Well done Tommy, fine achievement! 26 times for me.

73 Mike

Congats Tommy. You’re the most skilled chaser I’ve encountered (and there are a lot of great operators out there!). I’ll never forget you finding me on Mt Marcy last Winter and spotting me. It was zero degrees and I couldn’t stay on the peak very long. Thanks!

Congratulations Tommy. It’s always great to get you in the log when I am activating a summit (typically the first entry on 20M CW) or hear you as a fellow chaser in the pile-ups.

73 Rich N4EX

Impressive dedication. Continued fun!
Merle and Herm

Congrats! While I have only 52 activations Tommy has been there 51 times, that says something.

73 de NU7A Bren

Congratulations, Tommy! You always have a great signal into Tennessee.

73, Walt NE4TN

Thanks guys for the kudos and kind words.It’s you activators that do all the hard work…I just sit in the shack and sloth around. it’s been a lot of fun interacting with you guys over the last 2 1/2 years. I’m sure Gary, W0MNA will cross that milestone also within the next hour or two.

73/Tommy W7RV

Congratulations, Tommy! You are my #1 chaser. Thank you for the contacts.

73 Chuck AE4FZ

Tommy, just for interest… your callsign appears in activators’ logs a total of 9680 times as of 1620Z 18-dec-2015.

Many thanks, Tommy. You’re number 1 in my log!
73, Walt

Congrats Tommy, and BIG THANKS for all the spots and summit corrections!
Ken, K6HPX

Thanks for all the 10 MHz QSOs! 73! Hal N6JZT

Congrats Tommy on achieving the 50K mark on Chaser points. You know as well as I do just how much time in the chair it takes to get there, but on an even more important note, it’s interesting to see the impressive number of North American SOTA hams that have already achieved some level of Super Sloth with more closing in on that mark every day. I would definitely have to say SOTA is a bit addictive and it’s adding a whole new batch of great operators overall. Congrats again and thanks for all the help when Martha and I are on a summit somewhere.