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W7O/CE River Trip: April 17th - 21st

I will be on a 5 day rafting trip on the John Day River in Central Oregon from April 17th - 21st with my boy scout troop. I plan to do a few SOTA activations during the trip, and also participate in ‘QRP to the field’ (info: http://www.zianet.com/qrp/qrpttf/2018/ttf.htm) on the 21st. We are putting in at Service Creek and ending near Clarno. I will post some SOTA alerts before I leave, but the times are likely to be completely wrong!

My station will consist of a 20m QCX that puts out ~4 watts on 20 meters (CW only), and a 20m dipole. I will also have my Yaesu FT1D, which I hope to use for APRS spotting. Not sure how likely I am to make FM contacts out there, but I will certainly give it a shot.

My activation schedule:

Apr 17th: Drive to Service Creek (from Seattle). Camping at Service Creek. Activate W7O/CE-235 - Muleshoe Ridge - in the afternoon.

Apr 18th: Put in to river in the morning. Activate W7O/CE-314 in the afternoon.

Apr 19th: Activate W7O/CE-237 - Wagner Mountain - in the afternoon.

Apr 20th: No activation planned

Apr 21st: QRP on the Field. Possibly activate W7O/CE-315 if time allows.

Thank you chasers!!! I will post alerts shortly, but the times will be very approximate.

-Josh WU7H

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