W7O/CE-??? camping trip

Starting tomorrow morning, 7/2/20, I will be going on a road trip and camping out probably in the Fremont NF, Oregon. I hope to hit several summits, most if not all FA, over the course of a few days, ending 7/4 or 7/5, but not sure in what order the summits will be. I have some general alerts based on my usual activation times, may be more, may be less, all will depend on road access and MOSQUITOES!! I have not explored this area so a lot of unknown. I will have a few different radios with me including qro and ssb and I possible I will be doing some in the evening. What I end up using all depends on the hikes, time, wx.

Cell can be very questionable in E. OR so if unable to self spot and you work me or hear me, please help me and other hunters by spotting with correct ref that I will include in my cqing. Fremont is also KFF-4379 for WWFF chasers. Thanks for the help and look forward to hearing y’all!


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