W7N/EM-180 and The Sump

I chose this peak because of it’s proximity to an incredible area known as The Sump. It’s an amazing geological feature that I always want to go back to. We parked at the normal parking area for The Sump and carefully picked our way out of the main bowl. The climbing was easy class 2 with some fun optional class 3 sections. Routefinding can be tricky in The Sump and the landscape is very delicate so you want to be careful not to cause any damage.
The activation went well. I used a never before tested end fed half wave antenna that I made the night before with a 49:1 balun and links to change bands. It worked alright but I think I need to make some adjustments. I had 4G cell service with Verizon and 3G with AT&T from the summit, which made spotting easy. There was pretty much no cell service until I got to the summit. I’m always amazed to make so many familliar contacts on SOTA activations. It’s a really great community.

Here are some YouTube videos with information on The Sump.


That’s some amazing landscape :astonished:. I would want to go back to that as well.

73 De VE6JTW

Hello Brain, thanks for your report and the two videos. Both are very interesting and informative. :smiley:

Cheers; Geoff vk3sq