W7M/PS-042 First Activation

Lots of snow, cold, and good times. Thanks to everybody chasing!

W7M/PS-042 Video


Hi Robert,

Thanks for sharing the first activation. Nice winter scenery.

As you comment in the video snowshoes would definitely help. Not sure what you brought along in your backpack but I got the feeling you were a bit unprepared.
Jeans, really :roll_eyes:

And as commented in another reflector thread a self-spot would make thing a lot easier. An efficient activation is also a matter of safety in wintertime. If there is no cell service (for an SMS spot (info)) then I can recommend APRS with a handheld and spot via APRS2SOTA (btw a service provided Steward @G0LGS - contact him to register your call). Or Garmin Inreach can be used for spotting too.

Please take no offence in my statements. Keep up with winter activations (and summer then too). I enjoy them also a lot.

73 Joe


Thank you for the reply. I had a spot x with me that I used to text a friend who spotted for me. I’m still waiting on approval for the SOTA SMS gateway. And of course jeans, what if I’m going to the club after?

I have spent my share of time in the mountains, I appreciate the concerns and the advice. There was no fifth class terrain involved in this one, and unlike Afghanistan nobody shooting at me. I do have my eyes on some really cool summits once the weather breaks here that are only accessible through climbing 5.12 or above :wink:.

Again thanks for the input, stay well, and hopefully catch you on the air sometime


You probably didn’t read the FAQ (links on this site) and sent it to the wrong email address.

You would be correct in your assumption. Just sent it over to you.

“I’m far from frostbite” Ha, I like it! :wink: Nice vid and thanks for posting…Oh, nice M4 too BTW…

73, Todd KH2TJ

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Thanks for watching, M4 go boom :sunglasses:

Hi Robert,

congratulation joining the SOTA community. Thanks for the video.

After a real winter activation you don’t want to go to a club. :smirk:

73 Ludwig

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Bears Tooth QRP?

… its always a good day … when no one is shooting at you!

Nice report…

RJ // N2GBR…

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Could not agree more :rofl:

You are in a great area for SOTA with so many opportunities for first activations surrounding you. I was in Cody, WY in the fall moving my in-laws to Bozeman, and was able to activate a fresh peak. I wish I had started this hobby sooner because we went up there every summer. I’ve gone skiing at Red Lodge a few times, and they rank as some of my coldest outings. Thanks for the video. 73, Brian - NM5BG

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Thanks for the reply. I am very happy to be here, the whole state is covered in summits waiting to be activated. Montana is great, rugged, cold, remote, beautiful, fairly undisturbed. Happy you were able to get in an activation while you were here. Make sure you reach out if you make it back up this way.