W7A "Walk Up" Summits

I would like some help finding “easier” summits for when I bring others along. I am looking for summits that I can drive up most of the way then make the last hike relatively easily. Think along the lines of something you would bring an elderly person or youngster along on to introduce them to SOTA and HAM radio.

I am looking for summits in W7A, mainly PE, PW, AW and AE but some summits in CO and SC would likely work.

Being in Tucson, I know about Mt Lemmon, Mt Bigelow etc, but any others close by would be appreciated.


Contact the king of Tucson, K6HPX. He is on an activation trip out of state right now, but he should be back soon. He is good via QRZ.com. Also, you usually have better luck posting your inquiry on the NaSota Yahoo group.

Elliott, K6EL


I can help with drive ups in the White Mountains, the Flagstaff area, and a few out by Globe if u want to go that far out of Tucson.

Of course the definition of the term “Drive UP” means something a little different to someone who uses a 4x4 Jeep. What sort of drive up road are you looking for? paved or otherwise…



What I am talking about for a “walk up” is essentially like Mt Lemmon or Bigelow; a 2WD road that goes all the way or most of the way to the top where you can park the minimum distance and walk a good road or path to the summit without bushwhacking etc.

My wife started the first 4H Ham club in AZ (https://pimacounty4hhamradio.shutterfly.com/) and it looks like it is going to be very popular in the coming years. I took her kids up to Mt Lemmon this year to show them a SOTA activation and the logistics of that were enough without incorporating a couple hours of bushwhacking too.

I also hunt/hike all over AZ and now that I am involved in SOTA I am going to incorporate that into my trips. Although I am looking for summits close by to take the kids (and others on) any information about these types summits anywhere in AZ would be appreciated.

I will also be picking Ken’s brain next time I see/hear him.