W7A/PZ-100 activation aborted this morning

All, today’s planned activation of W7A/PZ-100 was aborted 300 feet below the summit. Somehow, we, in spite of having a planned GPS route up a wash and cannon around the north side of the peak, we ended up on the south side. Which was a steep Rocky crag. There are several peaks in this group and we somehow thought another summit was the correct one. Must have been fatigue, since we’d been literally up all night at an astronomy event Satuday night.

At any rate, when we got the the bottom of the crag, we’d ben hiking for about an hour , the last 20 minutes shacking through a chill a forest. We assessed our water situation and decided we didn’t have enough to continue. Also being tired from lack of sleep, we were not physically up to the task. It just was not worth the 2 points, so we aborted and headed back down

The summit is not going anywhere, so we’ll give it another go down the road.


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