W7A/MN-147 Activation Aborted

Sorry to those looking for me today on Hedgepeth Hill, But I felt it best to abort today’s activation. I’ve been up on this hill be fore to get some geo caches up there, but it’s been a long time. The summit is near a City of Phoenix water Cistern. last time there the Cistern, as one would imagine was pretty well blocked off with No trespassing signs & all sorts of warnings. the trail to the Summit begins directly opposite the access road to the Cistern. When Warren AE7WI (who was hoping to make his first activation) & I got to the cistern, we noted fencing across from the trailhead, again with no trespassing signs that block the way. We could have easily gone around, but surely would have been seen on the security cameras on the cistern. Now, I’m still not convinced that access to the summit is prohibited, but neither one of us want to be the test case, So we turned back.

I’ll be checking resources to determine if access is allowed, at least from this starting point and hopefully will be able to activate this summit in the near future.

I’ve posted pictures of the trail and Fencing on the Summit’s page, if anyone is interested or has an opinion…

Again, sorry if you were waiting for me and I didn’t show up, but i don;t look good in vertical stripes :slight_smile: