W7A 10-Point s2s Madness Event October 2nd 2021

The 2021 W7A 10-point s2s Madness event occurs October 2nd this year.

As of Sept 12, 2021 we have 31 stations that will be activating THIRTY TWO Arizona 10-point summits on October 2nd, a Saturday.

There are now W7A Alerts showing THIRTY ONE 10-points summits on the air for this event, and a 32nd peak being done by one of the stations…so THIRTY TWO 10-pointers possible…and more are likely to join in the fun still.

The action begins Saturday morning as early as 1300 UTC, and continues until all batteries, or the operators, are spent (usually by 2200 UTC or so).

So look for us then from your home QTH or an out of state SOTA summit…maybe a TEN POINTER?

This year it will truly be MADNESS…




I still expect a few additional W7A Alerts for this 10-piont event…


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Thanks Pete,
For your efforts in keeping tabs on all this.
Listening for you, on the luminiferous ether…


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Hear, hear! Thanks for all of the effort on this, Pete!

I’ll have yagis for 144 and 1296 mhz on a 17-foot mast, plenty of battery, and a checklist of W7A summits printed out. Looking forward to trying to work as many as I can from W7A/CS-014!



Lots of SOTA activations in GA, and all along the AT, going on Saturday in conjunction with the AT On The Air event.


Well the W7A 10-point s2s Madness event is over and it was a great success.

We had 34 operators on 30 Ten Point Summits on Saturday Oct. 2nd.

With 5 logs still to come in, it looks like over 1500 s2s contacts were made by the AZ Activators on every band from 160 Meters thru 1296 MHZ…s2s QSO’s made on every band.

Most ops scored over 200 s2s points, three scored over 300 points, and one scored over 400 s2s points on Saturday in about 5 hours of operation.

If u were an active chaser Saturday I wud be curious as to how many W7A 10-pointers you worked. Last year a few DX chasers worked 15 or more Arizona 10 pointers.

It was truly Madness out here. I actually drained both of my 4.3 Amp LiPo batteries and was running on AA cells in my FT818 after 5 hours on the air.

I will post a complete summary of the results soon here…a spreadsheet with all of the details.

So thanks to all who participated… the home ops, and the Appalachian Trail ops …everyone.

W7A Association Manager


I Chased Charlie NJ7V and Adam K7MRJ but that was all I managed to chase I had to go out for the day with the XYL.

Next year I will make sure to be on summit up here for the day.

73 de VE6JTW


I managed to work 23 ten point summits as a chaser. Had to leave early due to a high school reunion on Saturday evening or I possibly could have a added a couple of more. Fun time for sure.

Gary A. - W0MNA


Had a great time at this event and worth the flight to AZ from my home QTH in Illinois. Favorite contact was working Adam, K6ARK in California (255 Miles) on FM from Union Mountain with my 6 watt FT-818 and hand held Arrow antenna!


A series of unfortunate events had me arriving on summit an hour later than intended. That cost me a lot of S2S contacts. :sob:

Ended up with about 30 S2S, only 3 of them with W7A. @WA7JTM was my very first contact of the day. Had some nice runs on 20 including some DX (Germany, Spain, France, North Macedonia).

This was my 4th time participating in the W7A Madness, and BY FAR my lowest number of W7A S2S contacts. I had a good time and the WX was OUTSTANDING here this year. Next year I hope to be on a W7A summit for this event :metal:


Summary for the Arizona s2s 10-point Madness event that occurred on Saturday, October 2nd.

Some Highlights:
Looks like AZ Activators made just under 1600 contacts on All bands from 160 Meters thru 1296 MHz (s2s contacts were made on all bands)
6601 s2s points were scored
34 Arizona operators on peaks
29 unique Arizona summits were activated
apx 1090 HF contacts made
apx 491 VHF contact made.

You can see all the detail in a spreadsheet located on the NAsota website.

Conditions to the east Coast were not as good as last year unfortunately, but the West coast and Midwest paths seemed pretty good with a number of non-Arizona ops working 10 more more AZ summits.

Thanks to EVERONE who participated across the USA, with a special thanks to the APP Trail stations.

It was complete Chaos out here…we loved it!

Thanks to all who joined in the fun!