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W7A 10-Point s2s Madness Event October 2nd 2021

The 2021 W7A 10-point s2s Madness event occurs October 2nd this year.

As of Sept 12, 2021 we have 31 stations that will be activating THIRTY TWO Arizona 10-point summits on October 2nd, a Saturday.

There are now W7A Alerts showing THIRTY ONE 10-points summits on the air for this event, and a 32nd peak being done by one of the stations…so THIRTY TWO 10-pointers possible…and more are likely to join in the fun still.

The action begins Saturday morning as early as 1300 UTC, and continues until all batteries, or the operators, are spent (usually by 2200 UTC or so).

So look for us then from your home QTH or an out of state SOTA summit…maybe a TEN POINTER?

This year it will truly be MADNESS…




I still expect a few additional W7A Alerts for this 10-piont event…


Thanks Pete,
For your efforts in keeping tabs on all this.
Listening for you, on the luminiferous ether…


Hear, hear! Thanks for all of the effort on this, Pete!

I’ll have yagis for 144 and 1296 mhz on a 17-foot mast, plenty of battery, and a checklist of W7A summits printed out. Looking forward to trying to work as many as I can from W7A/CS-014!


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