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W6JMP Gene latest Super Sloth in CA!

My friend Gene W6JMP achieved Super Sloth status yesterday - in some circles that term may be something you do not want to be associated with but in SOTA it’s a great accomplishment - Congratulations Gene!


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Congrats Gene!
Always nice to hear you; know it’s you by the time you’ve sent the W6
Best 73, di di di da di daaaaaaaaaaaaah, dit dit.

Well done Gene and thanks for being my chaser on many an occasion back in W6-land.


Congrats Gene and thanks for all the contacts! Hearing those first few of characters of well sent bug code up on the peaks always makes me think – Cool, there’s JMP. :slight_smile:


Mike - ke5akl


Thanks guys. Believe me it was my pleasure. A little bit of a challenge from W6 land, But what
great fun!

73 es gl de gene w6jmp