W6/NC-368 A66/K3

Many thanks to my chasers today. With band conditions of an A66 and K3 and no chasers for my first 40 minutes of operation I thought I was going to be skunked. I had gone through all the bands from 60M to 15M without hearing ANY chasers or ANY other operators. High noise levels with no cell service and no ability to post my own spots. I had posted an alert with hopes that RBN would bail me out. I was going back thru the bands one more time when I got my first chaser, a great clear armchair copy 599. Then in the next 7 minutes 3 more chasers all 599. I persisted for another 10 minutes but no joy. I packed up and drove for home. Many thanks to the great chasers today. I’ve never operated with an A66/K3 so this was a first. If there were other chasers that I missed, my apologies - I worked only 4 stations because I heard only 4 stations!


Glad I was able to hear you Joe. HF was some pretty weak sauce Today, but I still managed to make some QSOs! See ya on the next one…


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