W6/CD-006 - Clark Mountain (1st to Activate)

My favorite SOTA expeditions are ones to never before activated summits. I particularly enjoy the planning and preparation in the form of reading through peak-bagging books and blogs. Obviously reaching the summit and completing an activation fulfills accomplishment.

Yesterday I was able to activate Clark Mountain - W6/CD-006. I was able to find beta from the book “Rambles & Scrambles” as well as from various climbing blogs.

Overall the hike was somewhat challenging - my GPS logged about 5 miles RT with 1800’ elevation gain over mostly Class 2 and some Class 3 obstacles. The most challenging aspect was the heat and distance from my home QTH; however, the views were stunning.

At the summit, I realized I forgot my SOTA pole, although I had everything else. Fortunately, I was able to suspend my SOTA Beams dipole between two rocks at about 2 ft off the ground and I was able to make several contacts including an S2S.

After activating Clark Mountain, I activated Mohawk Hill which had been activated a few times prior, although it was unique for me.

I have my eye on a few other unactivated summits in that area; however, the expedition might have to wait until late fall or early winter after things cool down a bit.

Until next time, 73!

David - KM3Alpha