W4T/SU-005 and W4C/EM-001 and MAYBE W4C/EM-003

Mildly complicated activation’s this weekend. I’m backpacking for the weekend and plan to spend the first night at W4T/SU-005, Roan High Knob.

I’ll work the 3905 Century Club that night starting at 8pm EST (0000 UTC) on 7.267.50 and at 10pm (0200 UTC) on 3.902. You are welcome to chase me here if you’d like to check in to the net. If you do I just ask that you follow the net rules and QSL any QSOs you make on the net. I will not spot just to avoid folks coming looking for me who wont realize I’m logged in to a WAS net.

I’ll also try to make some QSOs between the 2 nets… probably between 9:15-10:00 EST (0115-0200 UTC)

I’ MAY activate again in the morning around 8am EST (1200 UTC) depending on how the night goes.

After we pack up in the morning we will hike to W4C/EM-001 - Grassy Ridge. +/- 2hrs 12:00 EST (1600 UTC). This will be a quick activation so we can TRY to make it to W4C/EM-003 - Hump. I’d say there is a 50/50 chance we will make it to Hump. Will have to see how it goes.

All SSB and FM, No CW.


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