W4t/rv-002 & w4t/rv-001

Yesterday I activated 3940 (W4T/RV-002) and then Holston High Point (W4T/RV-001) - my first W4T (Tennessee) activations. 3940 involved a short hike on the Appalachian Trail in the snow. It was the first time that I tried logging using my new iPad with HamLog but I couldn’t get the swing of it (will have to practice at home) so after a few contacts I reverted to paper logging. I made about 27 contacts (including two S2S) on 60, 40, 30 & 20M CW. The second summit was Holston High Point (W4T/RV-001). There was lots of snow and ice on the road going up and I was worried that my car (not 4WD) would make it. The site is a fenced-in Federal Aviation facility with lots of “No Trespassing” signs so I set up outside the fence. I made about 32 contacts (including three S2S) on 60, 40, 30 & 20M CW. Also managed to work two EA2’s and a PA so that was a plus. I had only planned to operate around an hour but the calls kept coming so I hung around. I carried two 4S1P A123 LiFePO4 (2.5 Ah) batteries. I was still using the first battery on the second summit but noticed that the power level had dropped down on the KX3 so had to use the second battery. Normally one battery gets me through two activations. I have not learned how to operate with gloves on so after an hour or so my fingers were numb and I was having great difficulty paper logging and using my CW paddles. My CW got pretty bad - sorry guys. If you know of some gloves that work really well while you are sending CW, I’d like to know (off-line of course). I’d have like to done a third summit but after spending so much time on the second summit, that wasn’t an option - 3+ hour drive home. I’m already looking forward to my next activations - probably at the W4C Camp-Out April 19 -22 at Roan Mt. State Park in TN. There will be a large group of activators from several states activating that weekend. Personally, I hope to do 8 - 10 summits over that time period.

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Derek, Liz and I activated W4C/CM-028 yesterday and wanted to catch you summit to summit, but our timing did not work out. You were done with the first one before we got set up and when we finished, you had not started the second one yet.

See you at the camp-out,
Ron and Liz

Thanks for the S2S and a complete on W4T/RV-002. I didn’t think the timing would work out and I was very happy to see that you were still on the summit when I got to the top. It wasn’t my intention, but my off-trail shortcut may have made the difference. I think I was on the air in 7 minutes after the pack hit the ground. :sunglasses:

Don’t give up on HamLog! Other than when you change frequencies, all you need to enter is a callsign and tweak the RSTs. If it is cold out, you will need gloves that will work with a touch screen. A lot of these are fairly thin so may work well with paddles but they don’t add a lot of warmth.

73, pat - KI4SVM

Nice post.
Thanks for the S2S and for your patience with my weak code skills.

73, Joel - KC4WZB

Hey Derek, sorry to miss you on the air. If you come up with gloves that are cw-friendly, let me know.


Joe // N0MAP

what about a fleece liner like glove?