W4T/CA-048 New Activation

Wow, I just found this site and was looking through. What are the odds that property I own in TN is on the list!!! So how do I go about it? I am there 1 couple of times a year. Is the a SOTA weekend or time of year more than others? What frequencies are best? I will definitely activate W4T/CA-048. How do you get the correct name listed instead of the number for the Mountain? Thanks, de W5BAK Joey JoeyClements@gmail.com

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Hi Joey W5BAK,

I’m fairly new to SOTA but I’ll answer the best I can. SOTA activations are done every day of the week. I find that on weekends there are more activators on summits and more folks on their radios at home and thus I get more contacts. Besides more contacts (Chasers), you may get other summit activator contacts and earn Summit-to-Summit points. I’m on the west coast so I travel early in the morning and try and be on summit when it’s daytime across the U.S.

There are no official frequencies for SOTA per se but commonly what is popular and or what is not in use is used. Here are two HF frequencies that I use: 14.342.5 MHz and 7.180 MHz. If those are not available, I’ll go up a little and see. You can find more QRP (SOTA) frequencies doing a Google search. If you have the means to spot yourself on SotaWatch, the Chasers will see which frequency you’re on and they’ll listen for ya. If you can’t spot yourself, ask someone to spot for you.

As far as correct name for your summit, you could send a message to SOTA and ask. Meanwhile the name Pt.1850 is based on its height: 1850 feet or 564m.

The SOTA community is very helpful and a friendly bunch. I have made many ‘friends’ with many Chasers and on a few occasions I have exchanged e-mail with questions and have received lots of help and great advice. Many enjoy sharing their knowledge and experience and being part of such a community makes SOTA not only a lot of fun but very addicting…be careful or you’ll get hooked.


Dave K6KNS

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It appears to be only 250 meters West of Diamondback Lane, Joey, with a 60 meter vertical climb. What is the name you use locally for the peak? Do you approach it from the South? Do we Sota folks have your permission to go there?

Elliott, K6EL