W4RK New Shack Sloth

Congrats Bill on becoming a Shack Sloth today when you worked Dan - W06M. Welcome to the club.

Gary A. - W0MNA

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Gary, thanks so much! You are a hard act to follow and it took me longer than you, but I had lots of fun in the process. Thanks to all for allowing me to share in this special corner of RadioSport called SOTA.

Jefferson City, MO

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Roger That! congrats Bill! I’ve noticed you in all the chaser pileups lately …you’re hopelessly hooked on this crazy radio sport now. BTW there is a 12-step program if you decide you need help! But it’s only for when you hit bottom!

Seriously great job buddy! …Us Goats Steve/wGOAT, Rooster & Peanut

Congratulations Bill on achieving the Shack Sloth.

Jimmy M0HGY

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Thanks Jimmy. Your congratulations are greatly appreciated. SOTA has given me a great deal of pleasure and I have the SOTA Founders and Management Team to thank for that.


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Well done Bill.
Best wishes to you and family for 2013+
Mike G6TUH