W4G/NG-023 & NG-014 Video

Hello Friends,

I recently hiked on the Appalachian Trail from March 30th to May 2nd. I took my radio, FT-817ND along for the trip and made 2 SOTA contacts on W4G/NG-023 (Big Cedar Mountain) and 11 on W4G/NG-014 (Levelland Mountain) and I also made some 3905 Century Club contacts from Swains Gap.

Although there is not much “Radio Stuff” in the video I thought you might enjoy it. I’ve listed the times below that are radio specific if you don’t want to watch the whole thing.

Big Cedar

Blood Mountain(no contacts - tuner problems)

Levelland Mountain SOTA

Missouri QSO party QRP to QRP



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Some fairly good views in the video. The countryside looks nothing at all like GM and there’s too much blue sky!

Thanks! You don’t like blue skys?

They scare me… we don’t see them very often! :slight_smile:

It’s good day today, lots of blue sky and we’re 50mins from sunset. Although this far North (nr Edinburgh) which is further North than Moscow, it doesn’t really go dark now. The sun doesn’t far enough below the horizon, it only reaches “Naval Twilight”. Even at midnight, on a clear evening there is a distinct brighter blue glow on the horizon due North.

It’s still sunny here but the wind is from the NNE so it is cold now was damn cold all day, only maxed out at about 13C/55F and it’s 8C/47F now.