W4EON - North America's Newest Mountain Goat

Congratulations to Eric (W4EON), the newest Mountain Goat in North America who topped 1K activator points with his two activations today.

Rich N4EX


Congrats Eric on Mountain Goat. The First one from Virginia ! Always happy to work you on 40 meters with your fine signal. 73 de Scotty KG3W

Thanks to all the dedicated chasers who make activating so much fun.

Congratulations from NH. We used to work you regularly 3/4 years ago when you did ssb. It has been a while now, but we still felt the connection when we followed your footsteps in the Harrisonburg area in Sept as we activated a number of “completes”.
Herm & Merle

Hats off M. Eric.

Congratulations Eric, and thanks for the 48 contacts!

73, Walt NE4TN

Congrats Great Job and thanks for all the Great CW contacts and Chaser Points
From W4DOW #1 Chaser in W4V (Dow)

Congratulations Eric always a pleasure to work you when you operate ssb. 73 Don.


Way to go, Eric. You always have a good signal on the west coast.

Phil, NS7P

Congrats Eric. A job well done!


Well done Eric! A pleasure to work you over the past couple of years in SOTA activity.
Hope to hear you soon from another summit.
Vy 73

Congrats Eric…I remember when you first started out, one of the very first to activate in the east and for that matter North America. Nice job and thanks for all the CW contacts.

Dennis - WA2USA