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W4DOW W4V passed 20K Chase points today

Thanks to Karen W4KRN @ W4V/SH-009 today while she was running off black-Snakes She gave me the finial points to put me over 20,000 Chaser Points. Nice Lady and a Fine CW operator.
I been a Licensed Amateur now for 55 years and I got to say this has got to be on of the best and
most interesting things in the hobby I have ever got into. I been a Dx’er, Contest’er County Chaser, 1010’er and always been a Lover of CW. This program is like a ongoing 24/7 365 contest. And have meet a lot of Great fokes over the air in the SOTA program.
Thanks to all the Great Activators thru-out the World for taking the time and expense going out to the
summits and working us who are not able to get out there and do so. OH How I would Love to but getting old and in bad health now (LUNGS) I am happy setting here hooked to my o2 working everyone.
Thanks again all and ON-ward to 30K
W4DOW #1 SOTA Chaser W4V


We need lots of W4DOW in NA. Congrats sir.


Not bad either to be #16 out of almost a thousand chasers in North America!
Congratulations from NH.
73 Merle and Herm KB1RJD and KB1RJC


Congrats DOW,
I’ll be activating EA1/CR-020 later today and I look forward to being chased by you among many others in NA and the rest of the world, despite the poor propagation conditions lately.
Best 73 de Guru

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Congrats Dow! Always FB hearing you in there.
John K1JD

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Congratulations Dow! Thanks for helping me activate peaks here in Colorado…couldn’t do it without all of you active chasers.

73, Brad

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well done!! Keep it up!

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Congrats! tnx for many contacts.


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Congrats and thanks for the contracts.


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Congratulations Dow. It’s always great to hear you on the other end of the aether.

Malcolm VE2DDZ

Thanks Malcolm,
Always good working you and Thanks for all the EQSL’s
73 de Dow (W4DOW)

Thanks Mike always good to work you
73 de W4DOW (Dow)

Congrats Dow,
Always look forward to working you and it wouldn’t seem right not having you in the log.
Take care,


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Dow, thanks for the many, many chaser QSOs! Its always a pleasure to work you and will certainly wish to contribute to your 30K goal!
Mike W6AH

Thanks Mike for All the Contacts and Chaser points
73 de Dow (W4DOW)

Thanks Malcolm for all the good contacts and EQSL cards
Best 73 de Dow (W4DOW)

Dow, FB, congrats!!
And here’s to many more points to be earned for u in the future.
Due to the storm, I cancelled today’s plan to activate Pt Lookout. Maybe next weekend.
73 de Jack W4TJE

Thanks Jack Always looking for spots on SOTAWATCH and I listen to see if I can hear each and every one.
73 de W4DOW

Thanks Dennis always great to work you
Thanks for all the contacts and Chaser points
72 de W4DOW