W4C summit close to Atlanta?

I will be visiting my daughter in Atlanta over Easter. I plan on an activation in W4G (probably Stone Mountain), but I’d also like to add W4C Carolinas to my log. Does anyone know of a W4C summit that is reasonably accessible from Atlanta for a day trip?

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Depends, of course, on your definition of reasonable. :wink:

I’ve done each of the W4C sites on my page at http://k4kpk.com/content/sota-trip-library as a day trip from Atlanta, with the exception of one (and I’ll do that one as a single day trip the next time I activate it). These are pretty long days.

Stone Mountain is an OK summit for Atlanta, particularly if you’re bringing along a kid. Pine Mountain (http://k4kpk.com/content/sota-guide-w4ghc-036-pine-mountain) is comparable effort, with a lot fewer tourists.

Kevin / K4KPK

Reflector’s getting over-enthusiasting with its URL parsing again.

Try http://k4kpk.com/content/sota-trip-library

A handy record, that, for folk over in that neck of the woods. :slight_smile:

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maybe you should have a look at this link:

here you can download sota kmz-files for google earth.

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I would say the closest W4C summit would be W4C/WM-044 - Scaly Mountain at around 2 hours driving time. Less than 2 mile hike in, with a very nice view for a reward. Just a few miles up the road is Highlands, NC, which could be a nice diversion for a X/YL.

There are several other worthwhile summits in the area. W4G/NG-002 - Rabun Bald which happens to be on the way to Scaly Mtn. Best view in Georgia! There are several other summits in the Highlands area, including W4C/WM-064 - Satulah Mtn, where you start your hike from downtown Highlands.

I would offer to give you a tour guide, but I will be activating summits on the other side of the pond for a couple of weeks. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

pat - KI4SVM

Thank you everyone for the great tips – you’re a great group!