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W4 SOTA Campout Spring 2021

Let’s try this again and here’s hoping that we don’t endure any more lockdowns next spring.

Location: Middle Creek Campground, Buchanan, VA
When: Thursday, April 29th - Monday, May 3rd 2021

This year’s campout will be near Roanoke, VA at the Middle Creek Campground. The campground is conveniently located near Interstate 81, the Appalachian Trail and the Blue Ridge Parkway. There is a very nice summit on the AT with a trailhead less than two miles from camp. In addition to a lot of popular SOTA summits, there are a large number of rarely and never activated summits in the area. Please post up if you plan on attending and send me a PM if you want to be added to our W4 campouts mailing list.

73, pat - ki4svm


Count me in! There are a slew of peaks in that area that I’ve not done yet so this will be good.

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Same for me. I will also throw out that there is a distinct possibility of a one or two night backpacking trip before or after the actual campout if anyone is interested.

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I am interested. Still nursing a slightly torn Achilles so its going to have to be light hiking for me.

I Still need to activate WVa.

Kent K9EZ

I am in Pat and also interested in the backpacking trip before

Ariel NY4G

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Depends on when we plan the wedding for!

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I’m interested but it’s tentative. Apparently I’m not as optimistic as you about where the country will be with COVID-19 vaccination by then. At present the XYL and I are delaying our possible vacation travel to later in the year, more toward late summer.

I will be glad to stand up in April and apologize for having been too pessimistic, if such is the case.

But we’ve been hiking in this area in the past and I can vouch for its beauty. It will be a fun time!

Scott WB8ICQ

Let me know what you plan when you do.Maybe I can work it out and tag along!!

And then it all falls apart for me… I’ll be on the west coast for work. I’ll have all my radio gear with me and will try to catch some S2S action.

Pat, I hope to be able to be there for this one!
I just happened to be checking the opening day for the campsites on Skyline Drive as an indicator of the “COVID” effect… they start opening late March btw.
Please keep me in the loop… also for the pre/post backpacking…
Rj // N2GBR…

Sorry to hear that, but your S2Ss will be welcome by all (but you will miss the crazy 2m S2S pile ups).

That would be great. It is definitely a ‘wait and see’ situation regarding COVID. I will post up some info on a backpacking loop that I have had on the books for a while.

73, pat - ki4svm

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