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W4/SH-058 Activation a Success

I lasted an hour before I froze today (27f/-3c with strong winds). 8 QSOs in the log, so it was a good activation.

As far as I know this was the first activation from W4, so Jack W7CNL gets the honors of being the first to work a W4 SOTA summit. Running down the log I have KO6Z-CA, N7MOB-WA, KE7PZX-WA, N4EX-NC, N1FJ-MA, N1GKE-RI, VA2SG-QC. Thanks guys.

W4/SH-058, Clark Mt. is the site of the W4CUL repeater located in Orange County Virginia. Since this is my first activation I wanted something with easy access to test my equipment, my pack and myself. I learned a lot today. Some refinements were made in my pack. This was very different from operating from my back deck.

My thanks to Dennis, K0UN the trustee of the repeater for allowing me access to the summit.

This was fun. Let’s see, only 541 summits to go…

72 & 73, Chuck K4QS

In reply to K4QS:
Congratulations on your first activation.

72 & 73
Doug W1DMH