W2SE, Bruce 25,000 Chaser points

Bruce, W2SE reached another milestone today surpassing the 25,000 point level during a contact with KXOR.
Bruce’s achievement is even more amazing given that he chases with a KX3 and a wire. Congrats Bruce! 73, K3TCU


Congratulations, Bruce on reaching the 25K milestone!! I always appreciate hearing from you when I’m on a summit!


Dave, AE9Q

Bruce, congratulations! Outstanding results with your station. I always appreciate logging you (usually across several bands) during an activation. Tnx for all the Qs!

73 Paula k9ir


Wow…25K chaser points!! Nicely done Bruce and many thanks for all the contacts through the years. I always look forward to hearing your QRP signal on my activations. I know I’ll be working you for many more years my friend.

73, Brad

Outstanding! Congrats Bruce, keep it going! You are my #1 Chaser with 282 QSO’s in the log so far…thanks for always being there!

Keith KR7RK

Congratulations, Bruce, on an awesome total! Thanks for your encouragement that got me using cw on activations. My first cw qso ever was with you for SOTA.

Peter KD0YOB

Congratulations Bruce on achieving 25,000 chaser points.

Jimmy M0HGY

Outstanding Bruce! And don’t you work qrp or do I have that wrong? Congratulations on the accomplishment. I have more contacts with you than any other operator. And it doesn’t surprise me at all that the contact was with KX0R. Thanks Gary for letting us know.

Way to go Bruce! It takes a lot of dedication to get that many points. Keep up the good work.

Ron and Liz

Outstanding! Congrats Bruce

Congratulations Bruce! Thanks for the many SOTA contacts! 73 Bob AC1Z

CONGRATULATIONS BRUCE!!! Always good to hear you on the air.
John Paul // AB4PP

Great job Bruce. Always hear you in the pileups and look forward to working you when we get a chance to activate. Hope to see you in Dayton.
Gary A. - W0MNA


Thanks for all your contacts - often on multiple bands - and for your patience !

It seems amazing to have so many low-power contacts from CO to NJ, with many of them on 10.1 MHz, despite the long distance. Many times you’re as strong on 30M as on 20M, or stronger.

It seems right that your 25,000 point contact was with me. I show that contact was on 10.113 MHz at 1618Z. You were 539, with some QSB.

Then you got me again on 14.063 CW at 1631, and again on 18.093 CW at 1646.

Hope you get back into activating, so we can do some S2S contacts soon!



Congrats Bruce ! You are doing amazing, with just qrp, considering how lousy the bands have been lately. Hear you chasing almost every day on 40 or 60 meters. 73 de Scotty