W2/GC-026 NY Catskill Mtns today

Hiked up 4-pointer Mount Utsayantha in the western Catskills today for winter bonus points. I was glad to hear many EU DX chasers on 20M. The communication facilities on the summit were creating some noisy chatter on 14 MHz so I may have missed some of the weaker EU stations. It was also very windy, although I was inside my Bothy bag. I was running FT-818 at 5 watts to an end-fed inverted vee up about 25 feet with legs N-S. Logged 12 EU DX. Thanks!
Stay well & 73!
Mike, WB2FUV


Mike very “cool” activation! I’d like to do the Blackhead-Blackdome tandem summits next month.

Does your 818 have a CW filter? I, as a newer CW operator have a hard time deciphering code with the 818. I want to install one!

I was to the East of you tonight on W1/HH-001 in Connecticut. Fun activation hiking down in the moonlit snowfield was surreal!

I worked for 4 CW QSOs on 40m. Wind, cold hands definitely add to the challenge. I need to get a Bothy Bag ASAP!


Yes I have Collins YF122CN 300 Hz filter installed in the FT-818ND. I understand these filters are hard to find now.
Mike, WB2FUV


They are pretty essential when the bands are in good shape. Look out for a second hand one, they do come up fairly regularly. Don’t worry if it is a 500Hz or 300Hz, both work well.


Thanks for the S2S, Mike!
73 Gary

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Good work,Mike! Good signal out here in CA. I could hear the EU
stations calling you.
And, to KE8OKM, yes, get a CW filter. It’s a lot easier to copy
when you only have to hear one signal. The CW filter will also cut down
on the background noise.

73, John, K6YK

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Very nice activation, Mike!

73 de Jonathan