W2/GC-003 & GC-056 Double 10 point video done

Finished and uploaded the view of my double activation

Two 10 pointers on the same mountain range. Figure id im going up for one, might as well do both.

Even with the temps hovering around 70-75F, my body was not happy at all. The humidity was sucking the energy out of me. The hike was fairly short but there were parts which had very sharp elevation gains and having to pull myself up rocks and really push myself.

I managed to activate both peaks pretty easily once I was there, I didnt have the southern shot I was hoping for, but still managed a contact with Tom (N2YTF), but my brother in PA Dave (N2TEB) was unable to hear me. After looking at the topo shots, I realized a southern mountain range was blocking the majority of my shot south.

The day before this activation I had to send my FT-857 in for replacement as it crapped the bed. So I was running with just my FT-817 and low power. I opt’ed to not go HF as to not get discouraged with not being heard at 5 watts. I did however bring a small battery and a 2m amp, so I was able to make some decent 2m SSB and FM Contacts.

I think HF is awesome, talking the world with a piece of wire in a tree. but there is just something about using 2m side band thats really enjoyable especially at the higher elevations. I really think its an unused Gem. I plan on keeping it the mainstay of my activations.

Well I’ve rambled on enough. Enjoy the video.

Until the next one

Andrew - K2FR

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