W2/GC-001... Whew! My May 1st Activation

Slide Mountain. The Highest peak in the Catskills.

It was the perfect day for a hike. 80’s with a light breeze. The hike went well and boy did I pay for carrying so much gear! my body hates me right now.

The activation went amazing and I made a 138 mile 2m SSB contact with my brother at his home QTH… I was really pumped!

I had many contacts after that but HF gave me nothing… boo!

And of course… heres the video =)


What a great way to kick off May!

Andrew - K2FR

In reply to K2FR:
I meant to tell you in the email…the frequency you picked for 20m…14.332 or whatever it was had a very loud carrier on it here…very loud. Not that loud noises on the band are so unusual here at my home QTH, but certainly this one was nasty.

73 & congratulations,