W1 to G open!

I just heard Tom, N2YTF complete a contact with a (it sounded like) G6BDE. (I can’t hear Tom) and could barely hear the UK station.
Way to go Tom … great start for the first activation for SOTA W1 !


Is he working his beam? I think I can hear his contacts but I can’t hear him.

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I heard someone say he’s using a vertical … I can hear him but that’s it. Cannot work him.
He has a good pileup going.

TNX Andrew
Everything I have is pointed at him. If he holds out another three hours I might have a shot.

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HA7UG has him spotted on the DX Cluster on 14.340. Would be better on 14.059 CW.
Good luck

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Thanks guys for the great words of encouragement. All told 33 contacts over about 2 hours at 100w SSB before the batteries gave out.
I was so enjoying the pileup and bizzare 6m like conditions…I could have had more contacts but decided to rag chew a bit and talk up sota.
The batteries did not die early, but without my watt meter in line I lost track of things…2 hours in those conditions is about right for 10 ah.
I talked the batteries into the ground and the CW computer + PSK computer went to waste.

I have entered the log but will make a proper activation report along with video/pic postings Monday.


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it was GW4BVE, second contact and the first DX contact with a W1 summit.