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W1 Campout, Outstanding Event!

This past weekend I attended the W1 Campout and I finally got a chance to meet several W1 Association’s high achieving SOTA Hams. The food was good, beer was cold and the weather was mostly cooperative. It really doesn’t get much better than that. Thanks Bob! What an outstanding event.

My old legs were able to get me up 2 more 10 point summits. What strikes me is how energetic my friends were after several days of hiking. I have a very steep hill to climb in order to keep up with this crew. @AC1Z @KG6CIH @WI1G @WC1N @KI4SVM @W1DMH @WB2FUV @N1ZF @K1RID

Day 1:
Mount Osceola 4315 feet, (1,315 meters)
I hiked in and out on the Osceola Trail from Tripoli Road and had to park about 2 tenths of a mile from the trail head. There was a lot of hiker activity. Fortunately I was able to find an open spot just before the summit that was far enough off the trail to avoid other hikers. Thank you chasers, I logged 26 QSO’s, with 3 DX and 10 S2S.

Day 2:
Mount Moosilauke 4802 feet, (1,464 meters)
I followed the Gorge Brook Trail from Ravine Lodge to the summit. There were a lot of hikers and many curious onlookers. There was a wide section of trail just below the summit that allowed me to get the antenna up without wondering off trail and onto the alpine growth. It was a successful day by my standards and I logged 32 QSO’s, with 5 DX and 9 S2S. I don’t think I have ever answered more questions about my SOTA activity then I did on this summit. One of the hikers thought I was putting up a flag. I explained that Flags on the 48 are generally observed on September 11th.

Ravine Lodge (Dartmouth Outing Club)

Appalachian Trail just off in the distance.


Great pictures Fred! It was a pleasure to meet you in person. Glad you enjoyed it and looking forward to the next one! Bob AC1Z


Thanks for the FB report, Fred! I appreciate all the chaser QSOs with you and the other activators on Saturday as well as the S2S QSOs on Sunday! I hope to make the next one.

73 de Jonathan “JB”


Wow it sounds like you all had an outstanding time at the W1 Campout!
I tried to chase as many of you as possible from my summits here in W7A during the Flagstaff Fearsome Five activations. Conditions were not great and despite my best efforts there were a few that I just couldn’t hear. But I did manage to log S2S qso’s with @KI4SVM (twice), @AC1Z (twice), @WX1S , and @KC1MXB . Thanks guys! One day I hope to get up to your area for some summit fun.
Keith KR7RK


Hi guys,
Thanks for checking in. Yes we had a lot of fun. Perhaps Bob @AC1Z can share the group photo he took. See you on the next one. @KR7RK @KC1MXB


My 1st W1 camp out. I met role models and had a blast! Activated Tecumseh, W1/HA-015, 10 pts and Carr, W1/HA-024, 6 pts. Thanks, Bob, @AC1Z et al.


Group Picture W1 SOTA Campout 2022! Left to right top picture-
Bob AC1Z, Mike WB2FUV, Chris KG6CIH, Ed K1RID, Fred WX1S, John WI1G, Paul N1ZF, Bob WC1N, Pat KI4SVM.
I enjoyed meeting and chatting with a great group of hams with common interest! Looking forward to the next one! Bob AC1Z


This is a familiar scene! I can smell the BBQ and the hear the stories about the day’s SOTA adventures. I miss you guys! Hope to make the trip back east next year for the annual campout - and I won’t be late coming back from a peak after dark. I promise!
Mike NS1TA


Wish you could have made it to the campout Mike! Hope to see you next time!
Bob AC1Z

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Thanks for a great cook out / camp fire. I enjoyed meeting you all WC1N


Marc AA1F and I were up on Hale when we heard about this event. Gonna keep an eye out for it for next year! It looks like a blast!


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