W0MNA 150K Chaser points

Congratulations Gary on 150,000 chaser points.

73 Rich N4EX


That’s a lot of seat time Gary. Congratulations!
73, Charlie - KØLAF

Congratulations, Gary!

Quite an accomplishment and a lot of dedication to the hobby.

73, Walt

Thanks Gary for being such a great chaser.

No one shows up more than you in my activator logs!


Congratulations, Gary!

Gary W5GDW

BIG CONGRATS TO GARY, W0MNA, who passed 150K chaser points. Many a weekday activation has been saved by Gary and Martha in getting the required contacts for yours, truly, and many others no doubt. Way to go!
All best, Ken


Congratulations Gary on achieving 150,000 chaser points.

Jimmy M0HGY

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Hey Gary, good work! That’s about 10 X K6YK! I hear you in every pileup!
Keep it up!
John, K6YK

congratulations gary w0mna 73 KM6CEM

Congratulations, Gary on a huge landmark! That’s a heck of a lot of points!!

Thanks for being there for all of us! (Big Thanks to Martha, too!)


Dave, AE9Q

Great stuff Gary.
You are my top chaser with 117 times over 3 years. Always a pleasure to add you to my log.


Congratulations Gary! You have chased me on summits more than any others, over 340 times! Thanks for greatly adding to the SOTA fun! 73 Bob AC1Z

Big congratulations, Gary! And BIG thanks! You’ve pulled my ox out a number of times.

Andy, N4LAG

Gary - and Martha - many thanks for all the chases - an activation feels complete once you are in my log!

Congrats! Gary on 150K Chaser points! Great Signal always:)

My log would not be complete without you chasing me, nor would it be any fun chasing without hearing you in there. Congratulations.

Congratulations Gary. Thanks for the contact yesterday!


Congratulations Gary on an amazing milestone, and thanks for being one of my top 5 Chasers! (Martha has you beat by 1 QSO by the way…how did that happen?)

I especially appreciate that you often make the effort to chase me on the higher bands, it’s always exciting to hear your signal coming in from KS on 10, 12, or 15 meters!


Keith KR7RK

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Solid performance Gary. Truly an example of how we should operate. You always try to work everybody on a joint activation, you are always courteous, and it doesn’t matter if it’s 1 point or 10 to you are always there as a reliable contact. Thank you.


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Congratulations Gary on reaching 150k chaser points. Thanks to you and Martha for the Q’s.
Roger K3IDX