W0M/SF-005 Thanks, Apologies, Frustrations. . .

The short version:
Cell coverage nonexistent at the hwy A trail head. There is enough AT&T coverage in the AZ to self-spot. 5.5 mile hike in, not very steep at any point, but certainly rocky in places. Enough trees to hang a dipole, enough room to erect a vertical. It was an S2S bonanza today, and FT8 was a total bust.

The long version:
Normally I don’t do activation reports, but really wanted to for this one. First, thanks to EA2GM for my first DX S2S QSO. I’m sure you were wondering what kind of knucklehead was at the helm of KK0U, but you were just at the edge of readability. Thanks for hanging in there. Apologies for my terrible fist.

It was a great day for a walk in the woods – expected high of 18C. The route was, however, 2 miles longer than I planned on, as my map I used for planning was not quite up to snuff. That explains the late start. VA2EGD was first in the log with an S2S QSO. I also worked the aforementioned EA2GM, EA2LU and G4OBK – not bad for 5W and no sunspots! Logged about 22 or so on 20m CW.

Next, FT8. Whereas my usually trusty netbook worked fine for a couple of QSOs Friday night, today Ubuntu decided the audio subsystem was on vacation. I tried all sorts of ways to manually start it, but nothing doing. I even tried to garner some RTTY activity, but no takers.

On to 40m CW. 3 S2S QSOs right off the bat! I worked WB5USB S2S once I tuned up on the band, then when I found an open frequency K4LPQ just happend to start calling CQ for the second S2S. Moving to another frequency, I started calling CQ and KT0A jumped right in for the third S2S on 40. Quite a day.

I moved up to 30m to see what I could squeeze out there, and 2 more S2S, with KX0R being both the last S2S and the last QSO.

All in all, 48 QSOs, 7 S2S and a DX S2S. No data :frowning:

What a gorgeous day – certainly beats two weeks ago when it was -9C! Thanks to all the chasers and activators that keep this game fun.

73, Jim KK0U


Hi Jim!! It´s a real pleasure to be your first QSO s2s DX !!! I heard you very low, but readable. You handled the situation very well and copied me to the first call “s2s” despite my 5 watts in the vertical coaxial dipole. There were several NA strong stations calling on that frequency, but you rescued my weak signal from all of them !!! Well done Jim !!!
I hope this is the first of many s2s !!
Thanks Jim !!!

All in all 21 QSO, 17 NA and 2 S2S NA.

73, Javier EA2GM

Javier – great to make your acquaintance. That S2S was a 6900 km, 2-way QRP QSO! I was using a 1/4-wave 20m vertical with elevated radials, running 5W output. Yes, lots of strong QRM, but we got it done. Hope to work you S2S again!

73, Jim KK0U