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VX7r problem

Sorry guys it’s a little off topic but I hope you can help. Whilst trying to use a repeater on either 2m or 70cms I can open it fine but cannot re-transmit until the output from the repeater has stopped. I’m sure it’s just a menu option but I’ve been through them all and nothing seems to stick out. Anyone got any ideas as what to do?



In reply to MM0TAI:

It sounds like you have enabled “BCLO”, Busy channel lock out.

To disable it press Function then “0” to enter the menu system.

Rotate the outer dial to menu item “Misc 1” BCLO, then press the “Sub” button to disable BCLO.

Mark G0VOF

In reply to G0VOF:

You beat me Mark! I had the same on another (not VX7) handheld and it drove me mad. Of course I hadn’t read the manual :frowning: Also I did something daft on Moel Siabod with my VX170 where I ended up having it send a DTMF sequence every time I keyed up. Except there was nothing in the DTMF memory so there was a 5 second gap after hitting the PTT before the mic audio was transmitted.

Far too clever… we should go back to TR2300s :slight_smile:

Anyway, BCLO, page 43 of the manual Adrian.


In reply to Andy and Mark:
Thanks chaps I did see that in the menu, I left the manual at home, DOH!!
I will give it a go in the morning.



Was nice to hear you on 2m fm today i heard you call but was away from the radio at the time but i did hear you talking to my father (G0LGS) on GB3UK and 145.350fm

glad to know you found the fault ive not experienced that with my VX7 (Yet) but if i do atleast i will know what it is hihi

Hope to catch you on the air while you are down this way i tend to listen 145.350 most of the time when im in the shack so feel free to put a call out if im not listening i could be at work but there is usually someone in the area listening

Matt M3WDS

In reply to M3WDS:
Hi matt, I look forward to hearing you on the air sometime over the next few days. Looks like I’ll only have the HT to use until I get up to cleeve on Sunday where I’ll have the 817 and MFD for VHF, and vertical for HF.

Is there a local simplex 70cms frequency or best to stick to 433.500 fm when looking for contacts? I put out several cq,s today on 2m calling frequency but nobody responding there.


P.s Andy and Mark the BCLO is now turned off and the radio is working now on the repeaters. Ive had the radio a while but suprisingly never opened a repeater with it until now!!

In reply to MM0TAI:

Here is a short version of the manual from myself


One piece of paper that I carry with me on the mountains. Here “|” means “or”, “&” means “and” etc, but I think these are obvious to anybody using computers today.

73, Jaakko OH7BF/F5VGL

In reply to OH7BF:
Excellent thanks Jaakko, a very nice document to have in the backpack!!