Vosges noon today

The whole week it was hot and we had been looking forward to being in the cooler Vosges mountains again. With SOTA, of course.
The weather forecast was ok, hardly any sun… anyway - no rain

At 10:23 I was qrv on 7 Mhz at FL/VO-081
… at 10:40 we stood in the cloud and a rain shower came… The KX2 is not exactly waterproof. I packed up quickly. 5 minutes later we were on the way back and 10 minutes later the spook was over as fast as it came. The sun came back…

Ok - then Klintzkopf FL/VO-079 after all. On the way there our laundry dried. At the summit it was dreamlike. Even the sun came. We had a short picnic and I built up the antenna.
The first contact was 11:49 this time on 20m. Simone was relaxing and reading and I was busy with cw. Nobody was watching the sky. 12:20 suddenly heavy drops of rain came falling and the sky was black. No more chance to put on the protective clothing - everything stuck to the skin
I threw everything only fast into the backpack and pushed the mast together.
I wanted to do so much more…

sorry for my fast qrt



Hello Armin,

the weather is always a silent friend at the side of a SOTA activator :slight_smile:

DM3FAM/P on the Fremersberg DM/BW-861 = sometimes even “Hopfentee” (Beer) does not help hi :wink:

73 Marcel DM3FAM


Upper Austria today :smiley:

Yep wx forecast this summer feels like someone is rolling more dice than usual.

A quit wx summary video from today.
Just managed to activate on 2m and 20m. Quickly packed my stuff to get over the climbing section on the ridgeline while it was still dry.
Strong winds and then rain until I was back at the car.

73 Joe


Hauptsache, der katzenartige KX2 hat nix abbekommen. Der Rest trocknet wieder.