VK6 Trip

VK6MB and myself (VK6MMB just to confuse the issue) are planning to depart on the3rd of June 2015 for a little trip around VK6land. For much of the trip we will be out of Cell range and will not be able to self spot or alert. Also there is no fixed itinerary. We will endeavour to give as much notice for some of the more remote peaks as this will be a rare activation event. Some of them are not easy to get to, in fact Activating Mount Everest would be easier. There are a number of 10 pointers we plan to attack. So hopefully we shall QSO you all.

Radios are mostly KX3’s and at the moment neither of us are CW competent…hell I’m barely voice competent!!!

73 from me MMB


ps would love to try 10 and 6 Metre while we are doing it. Also for those into WWFF and VKshires we shall be indulging in them as well…and a little VOTA action !!! :stuck_out_tongue:

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