VK6 looking Europe long path Saturday Nov 22nd from 07:00UTC

Hi all

Heading out to Mt.Dale VK6/SW-036 on Saturday afternoon local time. Will be looking to work Europe on 20 Metres from around 07:00-08:30UTC, Any S2S will be appreciated, will also be looking for the VK9 Lord Howe activation.

Usual gear FT-817 Hardrock-50 amp and Linked dipole on a 7 metre squid pole. Also have an Alpha EZ Military vertical which we will give a try for first time on various bands.

Hope to get on the air from around 06:00UTC so VK stations look for spots on other bands and 20 Metres from around 07:00UTC.

Should be able to self spot, look forward to good conditions and catching some of the regulars.

Will have a couple of activators so look for spots for VK6EH and VK6NU and possibly others…


John VK6NU

I’ll be listening!

Oneself and rest of the Sota community will be listening let alone calling you if your heard

thanks for the head up info


Hopefully, I’ll be QRV to chase you from home.
Good luck!
Best 73 de Guru - EA2IF

Hi guys

Hearing some Europeans on 10 metres today so may have a go on 10 metres if I hear any signals on the band probably from about 08:00- 08:30 I can self spot. Need to pack up about 09:00 so it will be a sort activation on 10.


John VK6NU

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We will try to be at summit at 08:00
21mhz at 08:00 LP or 28 SP later seem to be best options…
Good luck!
Sadly, as I met Marcial this morning, the rain started quietly, justo to became stronger then at summit. We had no chance of setting up our CCR (carrot chasing rig) before turning back home. We feel very sorry for our VK9L colleagues who lost the opportunity of working the invaluable summit of Ganguren :wink:

Thanks again, VK mates, for a good chasing this morning.

Looking forward to working you again soon.
Best 73 de Guru - EA2IF

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HI John
Our QSO was short path this morning on 10m SSB at 08:35z

Here is a list of all VKs I have worked from the north of England on the 10m band since the first QSO in 1986. The times may be of interest to activators. You are my first SOTA on the 10m band - many thanks. I started chasing summits in March 2005:

73 de Phil G4OBK