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VK5 wonderful to work in EU

Nice conditions this morning, so i worked my firts VK-summit station!!
It possible! Tks VK5CZ/p on 10.118 mhz with a lovely signal.

In reply to PA0SKP:
Good morning. I could hear you guys ok rig kx3 @ 5 watts and i made up a 30m dipole ocf 10.6m x 5.3m as i only had a spare 4.1 balun in cupboard. I checked 20m to find a contest on so i made up the ocf before i went out to Lagoon Hill. I just wish those so called important rare dx pc number swappers on 30m would not use split freq operation on 30m and jam up almost all of the cw section. IT MAKES ME YELL AND SWEAR AT THEM #$@$%&! So sorry if i missed anyone but i think you guys were having just as much trouble to copy me.
cu on the next summit 73 Ian vk5cz…

In reply to VK5CZ:
Good evening to you! On this sundaymorning it was a suprise to hear you calling cq SOTA. Yr sign where when you started 559. Yr KX3 did a wonderful job! My rig here: K3 100w and a GP (14m) Conditions where good.
Hope to work y soon again. Its possible! Thanks and 73 Sake.

In reply to VK5CZ:
Hi Ian,
what was your rig when you worked me yesterday on DL/BE-032?
I was using my FT-817 and a 2 x 6.5m doublet.
72 Andy DK7MG

In reply to VK5CZ:
Amazing signals this morning on 10 Mhz a solid 559 Ian. Never expected to contact VK on sota and now we made 2 contacts in a week. Thanks you for the mountain platinum hunter certificate


Karel ON4FI

In reply to ON4FI:
Andy i was using a kx3 @ 5 watts and the antenna is a 30m ocf full wave aprox.
10.66m and 5.33m legs with trimmed to low swr, 4.1 balun . it’s a pig to tune on other bands but i only had a 4.1 balun spare at short notice to make the antenna so i decided to make it OCF. it has a low swr on 30m so rig loads easily and i even made a qso on 40m with it. My main 40/20m antenna is a par end fed with a 8m squid pole in middle. On Lagoon Hill lots of trees very convenient to tie off ends so feed point was about 4 m off ground and long end was about 6m off ground. Lagoon Hill has steep sides and long backbone of rocks so my take off east west very good. Congratulations on the Platinum award this is only my second week of sota in vk5 so i need to climb more hills asap HI.
i hope to make another summit this weekend coming up but i need to seek permission from the farmer who owns the hill, i now know his name so i can telephone him this week.
73 thanks for your interest in working vk
de ian vk5cz in Clare Valley …

In reply to VK5CZ:
Hope theres no maths teachers reading this I meant half wave not full wave.
Andy i did not realise you were on a summit also sorry about that. i forget did we swap S2S??
ian …

In reply to VK5CZ:
Ian, I am not sure whether it was a s2s. At least you were not using /p when we had our qso on Saturday.
72 Andy

In reply to DK7MG:
hello Andy sorry i am geting my days mixed up when i qso with you.
i was home Saturday you are in my shack log book Sorry about that.
73 Ian …

In reply to VK5CZ:
If our qso was from my home i would have been on my ic7400 and a delta loop, triangle shape, mono band for 30m fed bottom corner of loop, top is 45 feet off ground on the side of my 50ft tower .Bit different to my SOTA antennas and rig, my house is also 460m asl but not a summit but there’s a 11% grade some of the way up the hill on my bike HI.
73 de Ian hope to S2S next time Andy…