VK5 NYD Roll over Activations

Well a very busy SOTA activity for the start of new year. I think I probably missed some activator being as busy as it was and checking around the band for new ones plus trying to keep a spot frequency warm.

I had 8 s2s before roll over and 4 after as the band conditions went from bad to worse I have never missed working Nev VK5WG but the first contact with him was via 2m simplex on my vx8g as we could not work on 40m, then when Col VK5HCF called me I gave up wondering if maybe my antenna was not faulty.

My Summit was a bald hill with only an old fallen She Oak Tree to try to tuck in behind as the wind was strong and the temp was about 36c so once the sun got up high it was time to give up. I could only run the squid pole at about 5 m as I thought it would break. I made the comment to Ron VK3AFW that my antenna is 5m tall one minute then ground level during the wind gusts. The hill is a sheep camp too and very over grazed and here I am behind the log and all the ground rubbish blowing all over me and my gear. Luxury being a chaser in this case. Happy New year and I hope to be out again soon on another “safe” summer summit next cool change. thanks everyone for the contacts.

De Ian VK5CZ …

In reply to VK5CZ:
I forgot to mention that this is the first Summit I rode my Mountain Bike to. It was a steady Granny Gear climb all the way and the first time I ever rode a bike with 8kg on my back dodging the rocks along the sheep tracks. But the climb was steady and not hard as the car park is quite high near there, and about 4km round trip. 73 de ian vk5cz …