VK5 Aniversary Day 1yr Sunday

Thanks all the chasers and activators for the past year of pain and enjoyment over the last year. A group of vk5’s and others will be out early on summits this weekend.Just a warning we turn our local time clocks forward our Saturday night so you may find us on hills a bit earlier than has been the case before.Iam hoping the earlier mornings will increase the chance of USA stations or extended daylight at end of our day will give EU stations a chance to be out of bed.
The Alerts will be in UTC time but they may come a bit earlier to line up with our local time and getting the chooks up earlier for a feed ETC.
73 Ian vk5cz …

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Just a warning we turn our local time clocks forward our Saturday night

…and we don’t turn ours back for a few weeks yet, so for a while we’ll both be an hour ahead. I think North America stays ahead even longer…

73, Rick M0LEP

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Hello Ian -

Just in case you wanted to reach far for your Anniversary Event, with the CQP event going on this weekend in California, it may be best to try the WARC bands for contacts between VK5 and W7. 17m and 12m have had some good results recently.


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The California QSO Party, largest in the the world, runs from October 5th at 1600 UTC to October 6th at 2200 UTC. Many W6-Sota guys participate…some as activators. Come get us, once on CW for each band and another time on phone for each band.


Elliott, K6EL
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ok thanks for the information re QSO party I hope to be up by 1900 UTC.
Got 40/20m link dipole and 30/17m link dipole two 10w rigs ETC.
&# de vk5cz …

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Up Date to the Anniversary day, we had 4 summits all active at the same time and lots of other vk states out as well. Plenty of S2S qso’s were made on 40m and 30m so it was a great day out . I managed to work some stations from USA on 15m cw and a qso with n4ex on 17m around 21.00 UTC just around my sun rise. I got lost in the dark going up and ended up doing a bit of rough 4wd across a rock reef i found by accident. The farm track had not been used for a long time and i had only been there on my mountain bike a couple years ago. 30/17m and 20/40m link dipoles on a 8m squidy was my set up and the kx3 on full power seeing i had good batteries this trip. The LC ute was down the hill a 100m from the summit so i even enjoyed a coffee break and a warm up with the heater going after sunrise. Luxury … 73 all de vk5cz …

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I managed to work some stations from USA on 15m cw and a qso with n4ex on 17m

Excellent! – 73, Rick M0LEP

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I called a few of them from vk2/st-001 on 20m cw, strong signals but no responses.
73 de Andrew VK1DA

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WE try. Can’t wait for the down turn in this sunspot cycle we will be taking our mobile phones instead of radios to the summits.
Keep up the good work de Ian vk5cz …