vk2/il-001 and vk1/ac-040 3rd March

Only a couple of days left before I leave the southern hemisphere:( so it was time for a couple of easy vk activations!
Both virtually drive on summits, so that was nice :slight_smile: first one, just off tge Hume Highway brtween Sydney and Melbourne, vk2/il-001, Mount Gibraltar, I drove psst the gate to the many transmitting towers, so I did have to walk up to the activaton zone. I was stopped by a couple of tourists who wanted to know where the viewpoint was… they said they thought I would know as i looked like a “professional walker” ( Huh?. They’d obviously been out in the sun too long! Damned tourists… oh… yes… err… :wink: )
Anyway, there appeared to be a lot of work happening on one of the towers, installing another dish, so i kept out of the way, finding an old tree to bungy the pole to, one oend of the linked dipole in a tree, the other wrapped around a rock on the ground.

*pole bungied to the tree, rig on the ground being investigated by ants :frowning: *
The RF noise from the transmitters made things a little difficult in hearing chasers, my reports to most being significantly worse than the reports i received in return, however, all qsos were successful in the end, 10 on 40m, and a further 6 on 20m.

It was quite pleasant, in the shade of the trees, the thermometer showing 32c, a nice change from 32f :smile:

After packing up, it was a trip down to Canberra, and after checking into the hotel, up to Mount Ainslie, vk1/ac-040. By this time it had clouded over, and once the rig was setup, the distant rumble of thunder and static crashes kn the bands warned of an impending storm :frowning:
4 qsos quickly rattled off on 40m was pleasing, followed by a further 2 on 20m. Only one failed contact, due to static crashes wiping out the signal, despite numerous attempts.

hf setup, ends of dipole in the trees

A further one qso back on 40m before i wimped out and pulled down the dipole, putting the 2m moxon on the pole for 3 further 2m fm qsos

tiny moxon antenna on the pole

Numerous ground strikes from lightening, getting visibly closer and i hastily decided enough was enough and packed up, apologies if I missed anyone.

angry clouds, bit like the UK, but with warm rain :wink:

Many thanks to everyone who helped making the 2 activations a success, and apologies to anyone I missed.


I saw a spot of you on 14.320 from VK1/AC-040 when I was preparing myself to leave for work, so I decided to jump into the shack, switch the radio ON and see…
I turned my yagi to the Long Path and after listening and not hearing any QSO traffic or CQ calling, I decided to call you just in case you were there QRV.
The band was very quiet and I didn’t have any QRM. After my call with about 500 W, I heard a very weak voice but I was unable to understand. I repeated the call/listen sequence 2 more times and being unable to understand anything out of the very weak voice I was hearing down on the very low noise level, I decided to give up.
It probably was you the weak voice I wasn’t able to understand and I probably was the “failed contact, due to static crashes wiping out the signal, despite numerous attempts.”

Best 73 de Guru

Hi Guru

No, it was a vk6 station, who was about a 21 to 22 to me, but with lightening crashes every srcond or so, we couldn’t complete the contact.

I do hope to be out tomorrow evening (here… early morning eu time) I will put a spot on. It’ll only be 40w or so into a low dipole (or gp antenna…) but you never know!

OK, it’s in some way a relief to know that I wasn’t the failed contact you spoke about.
I hope to copy and work you tomorrow.morning.