VK2/CT-012 Sunday 2nd Aug

A thanks to all the chasers whom called in. 14 VK op’s on 40M with just 3W using the KX3 internal batteries.

4 S2S contacts, sadly missed a couple.

Onto a mix of 20/15 metres with 7 DX stations. Ran 5W for the DX of external battery (the internals carked in the end).

Weather not the best with sweeping winds and couple of brief rain squalls.

Newnes Plateau is the haunt of trail bike riders and a few times when they roared past could hardly hear the sidetone of my keying let alone what was being sent.

Enjoyed all the contacts, Cheers, Nick

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Hi Nick,
How do the tress along Glowwurm Tunnel Road now look? When I was there in November 2013, they were slowly recovering from the major bush fire that devastated the area. I remember the trail bikes from my next visit there - really loud!

73 Ed.

There’s been a lot of regrowth and here’s how it looked at the end of April from my [blog entry][1]:

Gerard - VK2IO
[1]: ANZAC weekend stormy EU chase – VK2/CT-012 and VKFF-598 | VK2IO

1st Jan 2015

photo VK2CT-012 Jan 2015.jpg

The regrowth is coming back very nicely after the last fires. Now there is mine prop logging taking place all over the hardwood area.

Much stripped of bark and small limbs scattered everywhere. Would say the harvesters have only been there a week or two ago judging by the shavings.

On motorbikes again have to say they were deafening making me wish I had large earmuff type headphones.

Not the lightweight ones I normally take with me.

On air it became rather frenetic as I remember, one op on 7.032, another on .030 and myself on .028 all at the same time.

Don’t know how the chasers kept up with it all !

Thanks again for those whom called in and the S2S.

Nick vk2aoh

Hi All

And yes hunting is allowed in that forest too, have heard the occasional shot in the distance


Hunting is permitted in a lot of Forests lands, have heard shots from time to time.

When I was in Coricudgy Forest heard some shots and as I was riding my bicycle rang the bell a few times.

Part of country lifestyle I guess.


Nick, I always use full cup head phones and with noise cancelling. Well worth the slight extra space. Not expensive either, just from Jaycar.
With Allen on 7.032, I called him only to find another VK trying to work me. In the end, I called Allen and completed the qso them moved down to 7.030. With the tight filtering on the KX3 I had no interference problems from either you, Allen or anyone else.
A far cry from not so long ago when a CW S2S was a rarity, this time 3 of the first 4 contacts were CW S2S; being within phone range certainly helps though!
A few new calls in the log too, I think possibly from the CW net that is run on Sunday mornings. I normally use 7.032 to allow for a bit of head room but 7.030 may have been encroaching a little?
Earlier this year I did work on about 7.040 but interference with HF packet systems caused problems.
Cheers Tony VK3CAT

If you keep an eye on the Aldi Australia adverts, they also have some noise cancelling, over the ear headphones, that I take on activations - comfortable but can get a bit warm in summer. Electrically even the noise cancelling seems to work, not only cutting out the external distractions but somehow helping with waek signals as well - or perhaps that’s just my imagination.


Think I shall have a look for those headphones, apart from bikes there is wind noise to contend with.

It gets wearying after a few hours with the volume turned all the way up.

Noticed a few new callers coming in as well which is pleasing to see.

Thanks for the S2S, there was a few being exchanged although I missed Ian VK5CZ on his activation.

Cheers Nick VK2AOH

I’ll have a look Ed although I have to say the local Aldi is pretty hopeless for electronic type goods.

Being a country town things are limited at times.

Cheers, Nick VK2AOH

You have to watch the brochures - it’s an item that they get in and is usually sold out within the first couple of hours after the store opens on that day. I think it cost AUS$39.95, when the equivalent Sony was AUS$120+


Don’t get the brochures as don’t normally shop at Aldi which is over the other side of town.
There is a Leading Edge Electronics (Jaycar) which is handy or else evilbay.

Something will turn up.

73’s Nick

Sorry Nick I worked you the day before but out where we were Sunday there was no phone coverage to use the net sorry, I did not know who was out and about. Had my phone in flight mode for most of the day.
Next time hopefully.
73 de Ian vk5cz …

Be very careful with KX3 and head phones the noise floor of the rig is so quiet and sound really nice . If you have the volume up thinking the band is quiet and come across a strong station it really hurts you ears. You sometimes get some clown spinning a VFO across the band with a carrier on and that gets you also.
I have a set of blue earphones by Sony they are quite good on windy hills.
cheers de Ian vk5cz …

OK, worth taking a look on their website in that case - who knows you might just be lucky and they may be selling these in the next couple of weeks. Of course if you don’t have a local ALDI then getting there in time to grab the bargains is more difficult.

Ian, comments noted and yes, that very condition has happened and almost ended up with ringing ears !

Ed, went down to the local Aldi and quite frankly it is the biggest dump in town. As far as electronic type goodies forget it.

Nothing but junk and I would not waste my time going there again.

Saw some noise cancellers at the local Leading Edge but decided against them as they seemed a bit bulky.

Instead bought a 52W halogen infra red bulb to shine on my hand to keep it warm whilst working the key.

(these bulbs are good for pet lizards I believe…does that say something ??)

My shack (shed) is a freezebox in winter.

Thanks anyhow.

Cheers, Nick vk2aoh