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VK1AD in OE May - Jun 22

Hello Austria

My wife and I will be in OE from 13 May to 30 Jun. For the first three weeks we will be based in Linz, followed by some time in Salzburg and Zell am Moos. On 21 Jun we will travel to Bregenz where I plan to catch up with Herbert OE9HRV and visit FR on Friday 24 Jun.

We return to Linz on Sunday 26 Jun for 3 days before departing Vienna for the return flight to VK…

I have exchanged emails with Herbert OE9HRV, Heinz OE5EEP and Sylvia OE5YYN. I hope, but can’t guarantee, there may be opportunities for a couple of SOTA activations. I will have a FT-60R HT complete with a good HT antenna and a 2m SlimJim.

Edit: I will keep an eye on SOTAWatch for opportunities to chase on 2m FM. I would like to get OE in my VHF chased summits.

If activation opportunities arise, I will post an Alert. :wink:

73 Andrew VK1AD


I look forward to catching up at midday at the QSL wall at Ham Radio Friedrichshafen on Friday 24th June in that case!

73 Ed DD5LP/VK2JI.


Enjoy your stay, Austria is beautiful! OE5 should run well on 2m.

Thanks for S2S recently, planning to visit Friedrichshafen on Saturday only unfortunately.

73, DIZ

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Hi Andrew,

Hope your visit to OE land goes well and the weather is kind to you.

Looks like you’ll only have VHF gear with you?

From Linz you’ll have a chance of joining in the Czech monthly VHF activity contests:

15/5 VHF SSB Comp 08.00 - 11.00 UTC
11/6 VHF FM contest 10.00 - 12.00 CET
19/6 VHF SSB Comp 08.00 - 11.00 UTC

There’s also the 144Mhz May contest running 21 &22/5 1400 - 1400 UTC

73 de



Thank you Markus for the best wishes, we are definitely looking forward to the warmer weather.

If the opportunity arises I may be able to work you on 2m FM from an OE9 or HB0 summit.

73, Andrew VK1AD

Hi Jon

Thank you for the best wishes and the 2m contest info, sounds interesting.

73, Andrew VK1AD

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On Sunday 22 May I am joining Herbert @OE9HRV for a joint activation of Hochsalm OE/OO-063.

The Linz weather forecast for tomorrow is rain in the morning and later clearing during the afternoon.

73 Andrew OE/VK1AD

Are you going to be at the FN Rally? Having met your namesake and callsign anagram there a few years back (Andrew VK1DA) it would be nice to add you to my collection of “worked/met all VK Andrew’s” :wink:


Yes, on Friday 24th of June.

Andrew VK1AD

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