VK1 to Germany and Hungary

Hi all

Another successful activation this evening from Mt Taylor VK1/AC-037 856 metres ASL on 20m SSB. I worked Klaus DF2GN/P summit to summit on DM/BW-228 and SOTA chasers Thomas DL1DVE and Michael DJ5AV.

I note DM/BW-228 is a 10 point summit at 1002 meters ASL. :slight_smile:

In Hungary I worked Viktor HA5LV twice, second time with a BIG signal 5-9.

Thanks everyone and a special thanks to Klaus for activating early.

Andrew, VK1NAM

Good stuff! I was up and listening, but couldn’t quite hear you or VK1DA, though I did hear a couple of stations working you.

73, Rick M0LEP

In reply to VK1NAM:
Hi Andrew…
I was suprised to hear you this morning. I have some Problems with my rotor, thats why my Spiderbeam was directed to north amerika…so may be long path to you or i hear you from the backside :slight_smile:

best 73 de Tom

In reply to VK1NAM:
Congrats on your S2S QSO with Klaus!
Nice signals on my 3 ele tribander (LP) Andrew. When the QRM gone you were 56 here. I could not hear VK1DA, his 5W was too few this morning.
Good luck and C U soon 73!
Viktor HA5LV

I tried listening out before leaving for work… but had S7 noise from somewhere across most of the hf bands…

Viktor nearly blew my headphones off though :slight_smile:


In reply to VK1NAM:
Hi Andrew…super ! Thanks a lot, as i seen your spot i´m not sure to try it and qsy to higher bands. my lowband antenna is more a cloudwarmer on higher bands with a vertical part of abt. 30m wire. but it works better as i thinked before. i found you :wink: on 20m ssb and you had a really great signal. all in all it seems that my inv.L. worked not too bad on 20m this early morning. Worked you VK1NAM/p on VK/AC-037 with qrb 16479km and VK1DA/p on AC-043 w qrb 16471km…great ! you made my day and all other callers from vk. never had so many vk´s calls in my logbook…
thanks to : VK1NAM/p, VK1DA/p, VK2DAG, VK1MA, VK5CZ (ssb+cw), VK2IO, VK2JI, VK3CAT and VK5PAS…

…mhhh, is ssb my new dx mode ? :wink:

vy 73 Klaus DF2GN/p

Tried long and short path this morning from 7am uk time but nothing heard from VK.I did hear Michael and Viktor working you and Colin g4uxh calling,may be next time.73Don G0RQL.

In reply to G0RQL:
Don, i´m sure :wink: see you next time on the summit again !! and good luck for listening out for vk activations !

vy 73 Klaus

In reply to DF2GN:
No problem last week Klaus,had good copy on them.
This morning I could not hear you either at 0740 on 14.315,just no propagation to
S.W uk.73 Don.

In reply to G0RQL:
Hello Don,
RF black hole continues in my part of the SE UK. Whenever I see a alert from Klaus I listen but today I was deaf & yes I did have antenna plugged in 8)
Have a good weekend.
Best wishes
Mike G6TUH

In reply to VK1NAM:

Nice to work VK1MA this morning on 12m from G/NP-001, the antenna was only 2m above ground due to very strong (130 kmh estimated) wind on the summit. First call I heard K1MA & thought it was a very early stateside!

Better wx tomorrow I hope.

In reply to DF2GN:
Hi Klaus
VK1 has 43 summits of which 8 are in the suburban area giving activators easy access for late afternoon-night time activations. I have previously worked all 8 summits this year so there are no points for me. However the easy access and opportunity to work DX is very appealing. While 20m is open to EU I will continue to work them with the prospect of making S2S with EU.

Next Tuesday I will activate Mt Majura VK1/AC-034, again hoping to make another S2S with EU.

I do hope this initiative will encourage other VK SOTA to try a late afternoon-night activation.

Thanks for the S2S it was an easy copy at 5-7. Your antenna is working well, I was operating a FT-857D at 50 watts into a 20/40 link dipole obviously with the 40m disconnected.

Best wishes and hope to work you again soon S2S.

Andrew, VK1NAM

SOTA blog: http://vk1nam.wordpress.com

In reply to DF2GN:
Hi Klaus,
very pleased to work you again, this time with my VK1DA callsign and from a summit. I will take the 703 next time - a 3db increase which might help. The Mt Stromlo summit is the site of an astronomical observatory site operated by Australian National University. It is very easy to get to from suburban Canberra. But the site I chose was very noisy with local noise QRM peaking at s8. You must have had a good signal here. Will try that again, Andrew VK1NAM is setting a high pace for us here and encouraging more activity on 20m. I did look for you on CW when I noticed your spot, but I could barely hear you there - unusual. I got no CW contacts - unusual because I usually have many more CW contacts than SSB especially on the barefoot FT817 and an ordinary dipole.
CUAGN & 73

@VK1DA: Hi Andrew no problem to copy your signal from the 817 :wink: Only some qsb…nice to work you.hope to repeat that soon :slight_smile: i read your qrp signal on a not optimal antenna for that band, so your rig working very well.

@VK1NAM: Andrew,thanks nice s2s also… i see you alert on tuesday. sorry, i have to work there, so i can´t try it. but i´m free off work again on wednesday to friday and maybe at wednesday the 4.december i go out myself to call cq VK in our early morning hours. next time with a better antenna. i know that my moxxon or a simple delta loop is a very good antenna for that, but in moment my choice is the multiband activity. so i like very much to operate with vertical dipoles in high trees. 2x10m with a symetric tuner is 2xhalfwave vertical :wink: now i go out to make a bit activity from a local summit with 2x7m vertical. around 2x5/8 on 12m. so today i´m only on higher bands up 20m. maybe i try 30 and 40m cw with this antenna…tzhink for ssb into eu its becomming to hard into weekend qrm…

so, hope on more vk contacts on wednesday and cuagn…

klaus DF2GN/p

In reply to DF2GN:
Hi Klaus sorry unable to do Wednesday but I will post a request on our VK mailing list. I am confident other VK will want to work you. Will look at Thursday and Friday weather forecasts for a suitable day.

Andrew, VK1NAM

In reply to DF2GN:
Hi Klaus, I would be able to get out to Mount Elliot (VK2/HU-093) for an S2S if you will be out on Wednesday morning your time - please let me know if you intend going out on Wednesday, so I can make arrangements - what (UTC) time are you thinking of please?

73 Ed VK2JI

In reply to VK2JI:
Hi Ed, for me its possible to do this early morning activity on wednesday,thursday or friday this week.friday is also good for me because i have only time on the mornig because at the afternoon i went on a small holiday to Berlin with my xyl till monday ( again a weekend without radio :-(…)…
In that case i can take wednesday or thursday for a small sota tour on the lower bw summits without snow.but thats not a must. So we can choose a date that fits maybe for another activator to try it out on early morning for vk-eu s2s. Conditions are best from 7-8utc on 20m for me. The only problem is that sunrise is at 7utc, and so i have to set up the antenna very quickly and have to hike in the dark if i choose another summit as bw-228.we have snow on my local summits now…not much, but that makes it not easier :-).so i plan to be qrv on dmbw-195 with a vertical stacked 2xhalfwave antenna for 20m that morning and then two way qrp should be no problem…now we have to find the right day :slight_smile:
Sorry that i can’t take part at the vk mass activation day…hope all have fun next weekend !

73 klaus df2gn/p

In reply to DF2GN:
It looks like we may get storms on Thursday here and I have other things planned for Friday - so I’ll be out at VK2/HU-093 again on Wednesday December 4th from 07:30 UTC and will look out for you on 20m SSB.

I’ll put up a post on SOTAwatch alerts.

73 Ed VK2JI.

In reply to VK2JI:
Ok, Ed… i will be on a local summit at wednesday at around 7:30 utc. hope to work you and many other vk chasers ! maybe i do a 20m only activation with a better antenna for that. i will set the alert tmrw evening. in moment its unsure if i go to bw-228 or bw-195…but i´m on a summit wednesday mornig…for sure !

vy 73 Klaus DF2GN/p

Hi Ed
Do you know whether there have been any U.S. chasers who succesfully worked a VK activation?
Marc, W4MPS