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VK1 SOTA Anniversary - 1 Feb 17

Hi folks

1 February 2017 marks the beginning of the 5th year of SOTA in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) VK1. Subject to good WX, to mark the occasion I plan to activate Mt Ainslie VK1/AC-040 from 07:00 through to sunset at 09:15 UTC.

Anyone in Europe, Japan, New Zealand or even Australia, interested in a S2S contact as a way to join in on the celebration of SOTA in VK1?

I will operate QRO, 40 to 50 watts SSB on 20 and 17m.

73, Andrew VK1AD


I plan to operate from Mt Taylor VK1/AC-037 as I did on the 1st Feb 2013. Should be on air by 0700 UTC.

Thanks Andrew :+1:. I hope we can attract others to join in. :slight_smile:

Andrew VK1AD

Hi Andrews

If weather is ok (we are having a fairly poor summer so far) I will try to join you from ZL3/CB-806 Coopers Knob.

Andrew ZL3CC

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I’d love to try Andrew, but work may interfere :cry: Will see how it’s looking that week

Hi Andrew,
Will listen out for you and others ~~ good luck :wink:

Is it 5 years since we started putting VK associations together. Time flies when you are having fun. Everyone in VK (whether they are called Andrew or not) should be extremely proud of the community of chasers and activators you have built in such a small time.

Sorry, but I wont be able to get out mid-week, that’s just how my job is, but I hope you can find sufficient participants to have plenty of inter-continental and intra-continental QSOs.

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