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Hi all

Plan to activate VK1/AC-034 Mt Majura on Tuesday morning around 07:15 to 07:30 UTC (local 18:15 to 18:30) for one hour. Intention is to work EU and UK chasers, also looking for S2S contacts. Sunset in VK1 is 08:50 UTC.

Andrew, VK1NAM

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Hi Andrew, just had the evening meal and now some TV.
Thanks for the post.
Will listen out 8)
Sunrise in SE UK is 0658Z (sunset 1730Z)
Bye for now.
Mike G6TUH

Thanks for the alert Andrew will leave the dog walk a bit later,safe trip and hopefully work you on 20mtrs. 73 Don G0RQL.

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Hi Andrew!

I am waiting your call in Jyranvuori OH/JS-066. I try to listen you on 20 m, let see what happens! I am using 10 W only but I have had two times qso with Matt VK2DAG on cw.

I will start a bit earlier on cw having warm up first with possible early bids. Last Saturday my keyer did not work correct manner first (dots did not work)– hopefully tomorrow.


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Hi Saku

Wow a chance to work Finland S2S from Australia! :slight_smile:

I will be listening, will pack the headphones, might need them.


Andrew, VK1NAM

SOTA blog http://vk1nam.wordpress.com

Andrew seems to have had a bit of a general DX pile-up, so I guess some spots hit the DX cluster…

73, Rick M0LEP

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Hello Rick, there were no spots on the DX-cluster for Andrew VK1NAM or Ian VK1DI this morning. You just select “Spot search” on the menu.
Mike G6TUH

In reply to VK1NAM:thanks for the contact this Morning (evening hi) with my little rig!


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Hello Rick, there were no spots on the DX-cluster for Andrew VK1NAM or Ian VK1DI this morning.

There were a few (some even mentioning SOTA) for VK1NAM/P and VK5TX/2 on HamSpots.Net (which might explain the obviously non-SOTA callers)…

73, Rick M0LEP

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Hi Holger,
Just returned home, thanks for the contact, another busy SOTA activation into the EU. 31 EU and UK chasers. Summit to Summit contacts with Mike 2E0YYY/P, Herbert OE9HRV/P, Ian VK1DI/P and Andrew VK1DA/P.

Andrew, VK1NAM

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I’m back home too. Conditions not quite as good as last week, 10 EU and UK contacts. Still lots of fun with only 5 w! Same S2S contacts as Andrew. Thanks for contacts.

73 Ian VK1DI

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Hello Andrew & Ian, thanks for this morning.

I missed Ben VK5TX because when he came onto 20 the band was starting to close for me.

Well done both of you on the S2S contacts;)

Best wishes
Mike G6TUH

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Many thanks for putting on the summit Andrew. A bit of crackling from the radio of a morning adds very pleasantly to the crackling of the frying pan! Even hearing from a VK summit was a first for me so I was very pleased to be able to work you.

I didn’t manage to hear VK1DI. I did just about hear VK5TX, but alas it was time to catch a train!

I hope some day it will work out for a summit-to-summit.

73, Simon

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Hi Andrew and Ian,

Thanks for the great effort. Six VK’s logged here, 2 of them s2s.

The icing on the cake was busting ZL4IR, Ed’s monster pile-up on my first call!
Ed is located in TE ANAU, at the South End of the South Island. This was a seriously long hop of 11746 miles or 18904 Kilometers from G/SP-013 and must be one of SOTA’s longest contacts.

73 Mike

Thanks all for the VK activity today good to catch up with you again,sorry I missed Ben he was audible with me at one point but conditions changed rapidly.73 all.
Don G0RQL.

In reply to 2E0YYY:

Well done Mike.

I think Herbert OE9HRV on VB-509 also had fun today on 12M SSB. I listened to him working his way through a JA pile up for about 15 minutes and receiving 59+ reports!

Bye for now
Mike G6TUH

In reply to VK1NAM:
Hi Andrey!

I heard you 52 and called you about 20 minutes, but my weak signal did not reach you. Next time with cw and the case will be closed!

73, Saku OH2NOS

I need a better antenna for 20m. I could make out 2E0YYY and some others but didn’t managed to work any of them.

Thanks for trying any way.


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Thanks Mike. Heard you briefly on 20m.

Couldn’t stay, I had another commitment.

73 Mike

In reply to VK5TX:

Hi Ben,

I heard you on 14.325, however, another station came up on the frequency and refused to move. There were a lot of stations telling him the frequency was in use and asking him to QSY, but he was having none of it. When you re-spotted for 14.330, I just couldn’t pull you out.

Better luck next time…

73 Mike