VK1/AC-048 - Mt McDonald - Time for Snake Bonus Points?

Just back from Activiating Mt McDonald, “a simple” 1 pointer just to the west of Canberra. Sitting just over the Cotter Dam. I say “simple” … 36 degrees C with added SNAKE risk.

Fired up at 0130 and had my first nibble on 2M, but took until 0300 to get the 4 calls needed. Only 1 on HF - VK7CW (700km on 5w) . A couple more heard but unable to hear me. Could hear VK7CW talking to another summit but the summit couldn’t hear me.

2 summits in 2 days… both days over 30 degrees. CAN NOT WAIT for my new SOTABEAMS linked dipole. The PAC12 has been good but I think I need the height…

Again thanks to all those that chased - sorry if I fill the spot screen, just wanted to get out of the heat.

On the way back down the mountain visited by a small brown snake with black head… think it might be an Fierce Snake aka Inland Taipan… no biggy only number 1 deadliest.

Video to come, sadly no talky radio on my videos yet, I get too excited working the calls. Lots of location and operating position etc.

Any way until we are climbing mountains again together- 73


Is there a drive-through at the summit. Apologies, Yorkshire humor.

In the video I am making today I did ask could we maybe make these summits flat and lower down… sadly no.

Mind you was 36c on the peak. Warm!!!