Vk1/ac-041 - what a difference a new antenna makes!

After getting my license in Feb 17, I have now activated 5 summits, even if they are only 1 pointers!

The main reluctance I have had to get out further has been wanting to get my antenna situation sorted, I can say I think we have reached that point. My SOTA BEAMS linked dipole arrived the day after the last activation (always the way). I was keen to get out and give it a whirl - and what a whirl it was!

This activation coincided with the opening of a VK contest that centres on portable operation, I was being cheeky and hoping to pick up some stations tuning up.

Firing up about an hour before UTC roll over (comp started at 0100) I was almost immediately flooded with calls and they kept coming right up for about an hour after rollover, the band started dropping away about then too.

Below is my log:

17/3/17 2244 7.09MHz LSB VK3ARH
17/3/17 2245 7.09MHz LSB VK2AWJ/P
17/3/17 2258 7.09MHz LSB VK7ZMS
17/3/17 2301 7.09MHz LSB VK2UH
17/3/17 2303 7.09MHz LSB VK2CRF
17/3/17 2304 7.09MHz LSB VK7CW
17/3/17 2307 7.09MHz LSB VK3LED
17/3/17 2307 7.09MHz LSB VK5LEA
17/3/17 2311 7.09MHz LSB VK5WG
17/3/17 2313 7.09MHz LSB VK3MEL/P VK3/VN-016
17/3/17 2322 7.009MHz LSB VK1AD
17/3/17 2328 7.09MHz LSB VK5IS
17/3/17 2331 7.075MHz LSB VI3FB75
17/3/17 2334 7.09MHz LSB VK1MA
17/3/17 2335 7.09MHz LSB VK3GGG
17/3/17 2346 7.09MHz LSB VK3WND
17/3/17 2349 7.09MHz LSB VK3CAT
17/3/17 2352 7.09MHz LSB VK3LY
17/3/17 2356 7.09MHz LSB VK3FSTA
17/3/17 2358 7.09MHz LSB VK5PAS
18/3/17 0000 7.09MHz LSB VK3STU
18/3/17 0002 7.09MHz LSB VK3LED
18/3/17 0006 7.09MHz LSB VK1MA
18/3/17 0008 7.09MHz LSB VK1AD
18/3/17 0009 7.09MHz LSB VK3STU
18/3/17 0010 7.09MHz LSB VK5WG
18/3/17 0011 7.09MHz LSB VK7CW
18/3/17 0012 7.09MHz LSB VK3DAC
18/3/17 0014 7.09MHz LSB VK2HAX/P
18/3/17 0015 7.09MHz LSB VK3FLJD
18/3/17 0017 7.09MHz LSB VK2LX
18/3/17 0019 7.09MHz LSB VK3ANL VK3/VN-028
18/3/17 0022 7.09MHz LSB VK2MAX
18/3/17 0023 7.09MHz LSB VK2CRF
18/3/17 0030 7.09MHz LSB VK3QA
18/3/17 0034 7.09MHz LSB VK3CAT
18/3/17 0037 7.09MHz LSB VK5IS
18/3/17 0045 146.5MHz FM VK1MA

As you can see that is a great list


Getting 59+ signals up to 4-700Kms away, working 2 S2S stations, as well as the commemorative station, VI3FB75

As I remembered my GOPRO this time, there are some exchanges in my video


I am getting a few posts on the SOTA section of my blog too:



Good results from Issacs Ridge, helps if there is a contest running sometimes. Other times you just get trodden on in the mad scramble by the big guns after points.

I use a home made linked dipole with good results although have to admit at times changing bands in a hurry can get exciting.


Well done,

Yes a linked dipole is probably the gold standard for general SOTA ops. Hope to see you in my log soon.



Very cool - it’s nice to see a fellow beginner having fun. I just started adding HF to my activations and it is indeed fun to have everyone calling. Never came back with a log like yours though. That’s impressive! I’m going to to have to go activate something during Field Day here in the US, lol.
Brandon, N6BSC


Was great to make contact with you at last. QRP takes patience for sure. When you first came up you were barely readable 1/1 only just catching the callsign but a few minutes later the contact was easily readable.

Here is a picture from the VK2BV portable site for JMFD. You can spot my grey squid pole on the left of the antenna farm. We were setup ~60km south of Warumbungle national park. I was keen for activation but Saturday mornings weather was absolutely terrible so no S2S this time :frowning:

Was great to catch you. I saw your spot and was keeping an eye on if you fired up etc.

If I see another activator I try and make sure we are:

  1. not clashing on spotted freq;
  2. comment / duplicate their spot and ask for a s2s that way they can choose to come up or I go down (vis versa) to work each other.

Was a fun bubble of a band condition, worked the same station 3 times in about 1.5 hours and was getting wildly diff reports. Glad to hear it came up.

I am doing (trying) another 1 pointer this weekend in the very north of Canberra so might be able to get me again.


Thanks, only been licenced a month.

with HF, I make sure I assemble my kit at home, then pack it away on the spot. Nothing worse then hiking up, getting sunburnt and bitten by bugs to find the bloody connector missing for X or Y.

Never know, might get a US to VK s2s going…


Very good, well done.

All contacts on 40m, so it doesn’t look like you broke the links in your linked dipole? Could have been a few ZL chasers for you on 20m if you had :slight_smile:

Andrew ZL3CC

It would have to be 15m for a foundation call in VK. 20m is not included in their band coverage, to the sadness of many. It’s an incentive to upgrade and I somehow think that is likely to be on Wade’s to-do list.

15m is producing a few surprises though, so it should be proposed and tested whenever possible.

73 Andrew VK1DA VK2UH

[quote=“VK1DA, post:9, topic:14826”]15m is producing a few surprises though, so it should be proposed and tested whenever possible.[/quote]…especially as a 40m dipole can be a tolerable if not wonderful match on 15m…

Ah, thanks Andrew and sorry Wade, understood.

Conditions were unlikely to suit 5w 15M VK to ZL at present anyway.

One of the benefits of a linked dipole using alligator clips is that it becomes very easy to add inductance/capacitance to drop the SWR even more. I found that a couple of 1.1 uH coils (made from some 22 awg wire formed on a pen in the field, try 15 turns) really dialed things in.

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